I’m Learning to Cloth Diaper! (Giveaway)


Alright, after much fear and apprehension I have finally started cloth diapering. I thought I’d start sooner, but you need A LOT of diapers to get this thing going and I had to study even more. Also, I’m good at making excuses and finding better things to do when I don’t really want to start something. I’ve been deep into the cloth diapering for a little over a week now and I’m glad to say it’s not bad. In fact, it’s pretty simple…so far.

I’ve learned a lot in the first week and made lots of mistakes, but I’ll write about the mishaps and “what I wish I would have known” once I really get the hang of things. Today, I get to tell you how awesome one particular cloth diaper is and how you can have one of your own…or give it to a friend with a baby, whatever.

There are like 1,538 different cloth diaper brands available now. On one hand, this is great because we now have options and many different styles to try. On the other hand, it sucks! Cloth diapers can be pricey and how are you supposed to know which one is the “right one”? (Hint: It’s not the cheapest ones, sadly.) I’ve tried many brands (9 different ones so far) and Thirsties seems to be the top-runner.


I have the new one size pocket diaper which is meant for babies from 8-40 pounds. This is a huge plus because I can use this diaper until Luna is potty trained. However, it is tricky to get it to fit properly on a newborn. Luna is two months now and it has taken a lot of practice to snap and velcro these one-sized diapers to fit correctly. Now, that I’ve got the hang of it we have no more leaking. Whew!


This new diaper has 2 inserts that snap together (or not) and an extra layer of microfiber to really soak things up. I have learned that all of these details combined together make for a great bedtime diaper, which is when things get the wettest.


This new one size pocket diaper comes in two closure options, hook and loop or snaps. I chose the “hook and loop” (i.e. velcro) because it is so fast and each, which is especially useful at 4am when it’s dark and I’m sleep deprived.


Thirsties is just a great brand in general, in fact, they’re so great they are giving away one of these new one-size pocket diapers to one of you! Woo! It will come in this adorable black bird print pictured here. Sooo, if you want a brand-new fancy cloth diaper for you or a friend with a baby then follow these steps!

  1. Follow the blog.
  2. Follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest.
  3. Leave me a comment below and tell me about the cutie that will be wearing the diaper!

*For US and Canadian readers only

I’ll randomly choose a winner on Thursday, April 17th. Best of luck to you! And, huge thanks to Thirsties for offering such a good giveaway!



17 thoughts on “I’m Learning to Cloth Diaper! (Giveaway)”

  1. I will definitely give it a try if I win. I love pampers but I’m curious. And the cutie who will be wearing this is 6 mos and 18 lbs of cuteness- Gracie Diane Alexandra! She likes to eat squash and laugh and talk all the time.

  2. This will be my first time using cloth after two older kids. She’s not here yet but will be any day and we have chosen to name her Naomi Elizabeth

  3. I am a new follower and I’m just in general curious about cloth diapering. I am currently 34.5 weeks pregnant, so the little cutie that’ll be wearing these diapers (hopefully) is still baking!

  4. Hi! the cutie that will be wearing the diaper, is a lovely lo thats near 7months and loves his cloth diapers! I’m curious on the Thirsties. We’ve tried Thirsties covers but id love to try out this one!

  5. Willow (my 2 month old) would be wearing it if we won. She likes to eat, sleep, and poop…a lot. lol She’s got a super sweet smile, continually has her tongue sticking out, and is a bundle of perfection (though, I’ll admit I’m a bit biased. 😉 ).

  6. I have already gone baby-crazy with pretty much every subtle Disney outfit sold in Orlando for my brothers soon-to-be born baby girl. Having something that is non-Disney would make for some great variety in gift giving 🙂

  7. Cloth diapers have always interested me but I’ve never done it. Ukraine still willing to try it out. And you already know about my 7 month old chunk. 😉

  8. I’ve been thinking about using cloth diapers for our little man arriving in May, this would be a great way to try it out! Looking forward to your follow up post too, love getting advice from new moms I know :).

  9. The cutie wearing them will be baby due in July!!! The pattern on your baby is one that I’ve actually registered for 🙂

  10. Baby doesn’t exist yet…I definitely want to go the cloth diaper route! And nothing wrong with a little pre-planning. I’ve already bought some baby clothes…both genders. Shopping at thrift stores makes this possible!

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