Weekend Update

I keep swearing to myself that I am going to get onto a schedule, get more productive blah blah blah…and then all of a sudden the weekend is here and I somehow only scratched 3 things off my to-do list. Sigh… Guess I’ll start over again tomorrow. Anyhow, we had quite a busy weekend.

I mean, really...how could I possibly get up and write when these two cuties are fast asleep on me? (Not to mention the cat sleeping behind my head.)
I mean, really…how could I possibly get up and write when these two cuties are fast asleep on me? (Not to mention the cat sleeping behind my head.)
She makes the best faces.
She makes the best faces.

We had guests over every single day and quite a few of them were meeting Luna for the first time. One of which was my Husband’s Nanny from his childhood. She is now 94 years old and still as lively as ever. Luna immediately loved her. She’s like the baby whisperer. We had lots of friends come by too. Including, a good friend of mine who I haven’t seen in FOREVER. A few years (well more than a few…) ago we were hittin’the dance floors in downtown Nashville regularly and also teaching together at a magnet school for the arts. Now, we’ve both moved on to new ventures and both have baby girls. My, how things have changed.

Me, my friend Marsha and our two baby girls!
Me, my friend Marsha and our two baby girls!

We had lunch out, went grocery shopping, cleaned the house and got constant updates on my Dad. Who, BTW, will hopefully be going home tomorrow! Yay! It’s pretty impressive that someone can have brain surgery, have titanium mesh put in their skull and be up and walking around the next day.

IMG_20140314_185513 20140315_115744 20140314_200100

Tomorrow, I am seriously getting down to business…my workout routine is starting as well as my healthy eating habits. I’ll also do my damndest to get Luna on some sort of routine. Come back and see me this week to see my “getting back in shape” plan. Also, if you’ve got any tips for getting a 6 week old on a somewhat normal schedule PLEASE send them my way!


One thought on “Weekend Update”

  1. OMG so much cuteness with that little beauty! I can honestly tell you that I didn’t even think about putting Orion on a schedule at 6 weeks. I felt like it was impossible and he did his own thing. Slept when wanted and kept me up a lot at night! ha ha. But by month three he magically started making his own schedule and we’ve going strong at nearly 7 months old. This is how our day begins: He wakes up around 8 in the morning.. I change his diaper, change his clothes, then feed him. (he gets a bottle about every 3-4 hours.) I know you’re breastfeeding so I’m sure Luna’s eating schedule will be completely different. Anyway after his morning bottle..we hang out the rest of the time.. whether it’s running errands together or lounging/playing around the house. If we’re not out and about and he’s distracted he’s normally ready to nap again around 10 am.. so he sleeps for about an hour, wakes up and eats.. play for awhile… he’ll go down again around 1ish or so… (he sometimes naps for 1-2 hours.) then wakes up and eats again. Depending how late he wakes up.. he may nap again around 4 for about 30-45 min. Then repeat the playing activities… Then around 7ish… bath, last bottle for the night, story time… then he gets put down for the anywhere between 8-830. He’ll fall asleep within 10 mins or so (sometimes less!) depending how tired he. Now this is just how a standard day goes… sometimes errands get in the way but he still manages to nap in my carrier, lol. He LOVES his sleep. So just try not to stress on the schedule yet… I’m sure she’ll eventually get it. Good luck! 🙂 P.S. sorry this is so long, ha ha!

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