Do Me A Favor?

Today, I have a favor to ask of each of you. Today, my Dad (the one I told you all about in “Dear Dad“), is having surgery. He has been dealing with a tumor on his skull for too long and today he is finally getting it removed. It’s a big long surgery (like 10 hours), but he’s in great hands at MD Anderson in Houston and I’m positive he will come out even stronger once this is all said and done. After all, the man has already survived 2 cancers and much more!

It is killing me to not be there right now. After lots of debating, we decided to fly to Texas in a couple of weeks. We want my Dad to be able to spend time with his Granddaughter and it wouldn’t be possible if we were there now. I know it’s the right choice, but I want desperately to be there for my Mom who will be anxiously waiting for this long surgery to be over. Thankfully, she won’t be alone. My sister and a few other relatives will be there.

What I am asking of you is this…sometime today, whenever you get a chance take a moment to do one of the following: say a prayer for my Dad and Mom, send some positive vibes towards Houston, send an actual positive message.

I believe prayer and positive thinking can go a long-long way. SO, if you  have a moment write a positive comment to my Dad below, leave a kind note for him on my Facebook page, OR please message my Mom. I know several of you know my Mom so to help keep her distracted and happy today, drop her a line, send her something funny and spread some love! Let her know we are all thinking of her and my Dad. Remind them both that everything will be okay and that their support system is huge. I’ll definitely share every word I receive with them.

Thanks in advance from the whole family!




3 thoughts on “Do Me A Favor?”

  1. I’ve been doing this as soon as I heard last month. We are definitely keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

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