Our Little Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras Yall!

Today is Fat Tuesday, and if you remember a previous “mardi gras” post of mine you might remember that while I am not Catholic, I’m a big Mardi Gras celebrator. Over the weekend, everyone from my home in Southeast Texas took to Facebook and Instagram to show off their awesome weekend at the many Mardi Gras celebrations back where I grew up. To make matters worse, Husband was in New Orleans at the biggest Mardi Gras celebration. I was starting to feel very left out.

Soooo, today we had a little Mardi Gras at home, here in Tennessee. Luna and I played with the beads Husband brought home.

beads mardi gras

Then, we enjoyed the King Cake Husband brought back to me as a souvenir. It was pretty darn good, especially for being 2 days old.

box cake piecea

We haven’t found the baby in the cake yet, but I’m hoping I might find something sparkly and expensive instead. After all, I let him go to Mardi Gras without me. Just kidding, he doesn’t owe me jewelry…just a girls weekend getaway.



3 thoughts on “Our Little Mardi Gras”

  1. such a happy post! i actually went to college at tulane, and each year that i don’t make it down for madri gras i feel, well, a strong craving for parades and king cake and some party in the streets action 🙂

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