Mommy Daughter Weekend

Husband has been in New Orleans celebrating at Mardi Gras for one of his best friend’s bachelor parties this weekend, which means Luna and I have been left to fend for ourselves for the first time. Before you start bashing Husband for leaving us this early on, I must say I basically forced him to go. He has been an ideal partner through all of this mess and miracle-ness since Luna’s birth, and he deserves to be able to go celebrate his with his friend for the weekend. Plus, I’m feeling better lately and was kind of looking forward to a weekend with Luna and the house all to myself.

We played dress up!
We played dress up!
And, tried to find our reflection
And, tried to find our reflection

We mostly had a fantastic weekend. We hung out with my in-laws, shopped at the mall, ate at Whole Foods, shopped at Target, made a couple trips to Starbucks (sadly, I’m still drinking decaf…) and even had a mani/pedi with a good friends this afternoon. At home we snuggled in bed with Belle and Duckie, watch too much Netflix, danced around the living room every morning and are now watching the Oscars as I type this paragraph. Even when I felt weak on Friday night (thanks a lot meds) we just chilled together in our pj’s. These moments made me look forward to many more Mommy Daughter Weekends.

a failed attempt at tummy time
a failed attempt at tummy time

Now, as you may expect, not everything was magical. Luna had two very long crying spells where nothing I did helped…this is a first for that and I did not like being alone and feeling so helpless. I also discovered just how hard it is to get anything done while also caring for a newborn. I will never know how single parents juggle everything…they clearly have super powers.

we took A LOT of pictures
we took A LOT of pictures
bath time!
bath time!

Saturday morning, while nursing, Belle managed to escape the backyard and run through the neighborhood barking like a mad dog. She barked (VERY loudly) the entire time I nursed, and was still barking when I went outside and walked through the yard searching for her. I most have looked quite ridiculous. See, Luna had just thrown up on me, but I was in such a hurry to get Belle inside that I did not care about the baby vomit that went from my tank top to the bottom of my yoga pants. I was also barefoot, braless and had not put a brush in my hair since sleeping on it. Eventually, I realized Belle’s bark was coming from across the street. We have an incredibly long and steep driveway so I hopped in the car to drive across the street and grab her.

When I reached the end of our driveway Belle immediately ran to my car and I noticed a little boy standing directly in front of me. He stared at me like I was some sort of monster brought to life (can’t imagine why) and asked if this was my dog. I assured him it was indeed my naughty dog. The poor scared boy then said “Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve been holding her because she looks like the dog I saw on the ‘lost dog’ posters.” Turns out Belle was being held hostage by the neighbor trying to rescue her.

That’s not all Belle managed to do though… After my manicure today I came home to what will now be referred to Dog Apocalypse. Ever since we had Luna, Belle has had a hard time adjusting. She’s great with Luna, but I think she’s got separation anxiety. We were in the hospital for 10 days, we had a lot of different people staying at the house during that time and for the next few weeks and of course we came home with a baby. Now, every time we leave the house she finds something to tear up or eat…usually a candy wrapper or something else small. Until today.

Today, Belle tore open a tied up trash bag I left in the kitchen. She then proceeded to take out every dirty diaper and (sorry this is gross) sanitary napkin, tear them all to shreds and drag them ALL OVER THE HOUSE, but mostly on my large white rug in the living room. I love this dog, but I must say that at this moment, I do not like her. Nope, not a bit. I had not planned on spending the evening cleaning every floor in the house.

Of course, Husband has been fortunate enough to miss all of this excitement. Boy, does he owe me lots of diaper changes.



2 thoughts on “Mommy Daughter Weekend”

  1. I hate to say it but it sounds very typical of when husbands leave town! Mine travels every few days, and sometimes it’s a miracle we are still here! The good news is it becomes more natural, but it sounds like you were able to handle whatever came your way 🙂 not sure about the rug…good luck!

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