Baby Shower Numero Dos

This past weekend we had our second baby shower. This one was for all of our friends and family in Tennessee and it was held at my in-laws house. The shower was more of a party…it was at 7 on a Saturday night, it was for boys and girls, dinner was served and lots of fun was had. It was perfect.

34 weeks

My sis-in-law did most of the planning and she came up with the most clever idea for a shower/party/guest book activity. She took the book Goodnight Moon, tore out the pages, hung them up and gave everyone directions to choose a page and recreate it in their own style.

goodnight moon book guest book

Some of the finished and unfinished pages
Some of the finished and unfinished pages

Not only was the idea very cool, but I was so impressed by everyone’s artwork! They went all out to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind book for Luna. The book’s title, BTW, was changed to Goodnight LunaEveryone had to sign the front of their page too, so one day when I’m reading the book to Luna I can tell her who created each page special for her.

making pages james artwork steph's artwork

For dinner we had seafood soup, vegetarian chili, chicken noodle soup, homemade bread, guacamole and lots of other little snacks. Our Aunt Amy made us a delicious raspberry and lemon trifle and 3 trays of different types of chocolate chip cookies. My doctor is going to be in shock when I am weighed at my next appointment… after the holidays, 2 weeks of vacation and 2 baby showers I am afraid to step on a scale.

soups trifle

The best part of both of our showers is just getting to spend time with our friends and family and talk about how excited we all are about Luna’s arrival. I didn’t even open gifts until midnight. We are fortunate to receive so many nice gifts for our baby, but it means a lot more to know that so many people are going to love our Luna. (I’m allowed to be corny and sentimental…I’m pregnant!)

Everyone 30 and under
Everyone 30 and under


my hair my love

Thank you to all of our wonderful hosts and hostesses…it was a blast!


One thought on “Baby Shower Numero Dos”

  1. Just kidding– THIS is now my favorite baby shower!! “Goodnight Luna” is so perfect– what a treasure!!

    I’ve heard of the idea of having guests bring books to a baby shower and write notes in the cover, but this takes it to a whole new level.

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