What Boobies Are Made For

Our last free baby-having class at Babies R Us was good enough that we decided to take another and get a little more educated before our little girl arrives. This time we took “Breastfeeding 101”.  I am assuming that breastfeeding is something that will come pretty naturally, but it can’t hurt to learn about the benefits, the ups and downs and get some free advice.

The class was held in the back of the store with all the rockers, gliders and ottomans again, which is just perfect for a class full of pregnant people and their husbands. We got some free goodies, snacks and water again, which is always a plus. After, we found ourselves a comfy seat, opened our Cheese Nips and took a few selfies before class begun..

IMG_20131212_174613 MHM_20131212_174905

Unfortunately, this teacher was not as great as our “Baby Basics” teacher. It was a lot like having a sub in high school… Papers were passed out, names were shared and we were told we going to play a game to learn cool facts about breastfeeding. Of course, it was not actually a game. We each read a card aloud that had a statement about breastfeeding. Then, we had to say whether we though it was truth or myth…that’s it. There was no winner or loser. I hate when teachers claim things are games that are not actually games… this only works with kids 7 and under. Trust me, I’ve used this technique on too many ages.

Anyhow…besides the boring, but sweet well-informed teacher, we did learn some stuff.  AND, it did encourage me even more to breastfeed when the time comes. Here are what I consider the most interesting or the strangest facts learned in “Breastfeeding 101”.

-You can freeze your milk for 6-12 months, or leave it out at room temperature for 4-6 hours.

-The class was taught by a doula and we learned that the word “doula” derives from the ancient Greek language originally meaning “slave”. Why this fact was shared… we do not know. However, I would now feel very disconcerted if I decided to hire a doula.

-Breastfeeding reduces your risk and your daughter’s risk of getting breast cancer as an adult

-It raises children’s IQ’s.

-It’s free!

-I can still drink 2-3 cups a coffee a day while breastfeeding. Hallelujah!

-It should not hurt…If it does you should go see your doctor.

-They eat 8-12 times a day…so basically breastfeeding is a full-time job.

-Apparently, many people believe that you are supposed to “rough up your nipples” with a washcloth before the baby comes. This is clearly a myth…one of which I have never heard.

-Breastfed babies get fewer ear infections, child lymphomas and diabetes…all those good immunities!

-Husbands’ should NEVER say, “You don’t have to do this” when the going gets tough.  They should just be supportive, encouraging and be prepared with iced lattes and weekly Sephora rewards.

-And this sounds silly, because it is, but I never thought about the fact that this is actually what our boobs are for. Sadly, our society has sexualized them and made us feel like feeding our kids is weird, gross, or inappropriate, but it is actually as natural as having kids in the first place.

There’s lots of other benefits and good reasons why we should breastfeed, but those are my favorite facts from class.

Do you agree? Disagree? Know any other cool facts? I’d love the hear em’!

30 weeks and growing
30 weeks and growing


6 thoughts on “What Boobies Are Made For”

  1. I am a full believer in breast feeding…. and will always try it first before going to another option. I respect the decision of those who choose not to…. But it’s without a doubt what’s best for both baby and momma! BREAST IS BEST!!!

  2. Yes breast is best- I remember a many late night crying and nursing- mostly postpartum I’m sure. It was a challenge to nurse when your nipples are cracked and bleeding and the apartment is 95 degrees. But I’m so glad I did. Invest in a good pump too. It will help keep your supply up. 🙂 Some women can’t nurse so remember it is OK too to supplement if your have to.

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