A Weekend in Dallas

Husband and I have taken turns spending either Thanksgiving or Christmas with each family for years now, but this is the first year that I got to see both families over the Thanksgiving holidays. I flew to Dallas on Friday to spend time with my sister’s family and parents, and it’s only my second time to ever even see my sister’s house! We both live far away from home, so when we see each other it’s always because we both go home to visit our parents.

I was excited to see everyone, to do some “Black Saturday” shopping and all that jazz, but really I was most excited to see this little turkey.


Every minute not shopping was spent snuggling, reading to, playing with and snapping photos of the most handsome little nephew you ever did see.

silly face micahliam nephew helmet IMG_20131201_224720 us two

I got to spend a little time with the adults in the family as well. In fact, at one point it was only my parents, my sister and myself..we can’t even remember the last time it was just the four of us. We had to get our waitress at Cheesecake Factory to commemorate the moment.


Seeing my parents as Grandparents is the sweetest. My Dad, especially is the most proud Grandpa I have ever seen! I miss them and hate living so far from my nephew, but thankfully I will see them all in just a few short weeks for Christmas! Can’t wait!


This little guy isn't too bad either.
This little guy isn’t too bad either.
Grandparents...caught sleeping.
Grandparents…caught sleeping.



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