It’s Me Day!

The card Husband got me for my Bday... he knows me so well.
The card Husband got me for my Bday… he knows me so well.

Friday, I finally got to officially celebrate the most wonderful day of the year: my Birthday. Like any other holiday, I took the day off of work, slept in somewhat late and had the BEST day ever. My day actually began with a call from my bank informing me that my account information had been stolen and someone was using it to make lots of online purchases, and they would need to close my account immediately. The thief even had the nerve to make several online Sephora purchases, how rude! Not exactly the morning wake-up call I was hoping for, but at least there was nowhere to go but up after that little surprise.

First, Husband took me to breakfast at my favorite Nashville diner, the Pied Piper. This diner is a pretty basic family owned trendy place in East Nashville, but I love their breakfast, especially their biscuits and gravy. They are probably the only place is Nashville Tennessee the South who makes their biscuits and gravy vegetarian friendly and they are SO freakin’ delicious. Of course, when we got there I saw the sign that read “Biscuits and Gravy are only served on weekends and holidays”.

I tried my best to convince them that Friday is actually part of the weekend and that it is most definitely a holiday. I even gave them my sad “we had to drive an hour to get here!” story, but they insisted they had no biscuits. In the end, they made me toast and gravy, which turned out to be a very good substitute.

Soon after Birthday breakfast was a lunch time viewing of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire! Clearly, I have looked forward to this movei for a LONG time.


Katniss or Hilarie? Who can tell?
Katniss or Hilarie? Who can tell?
I'm actually 12.
I’m actually 12.

Catching Fire was perfect. It was even better than the first one, and since it’s been a couple of years since I read the book I didn’t notice if any important details were left out. I did forget how serious and sad the series starts to get, and remembered that the 3rd and final book/movie is going to be extremely depressing. Still, I CANNOT wait until The Mockingjay comes out!

After, the movies was a special stop at Sephora, and then a final celebration at a local Mexican food joint. The best part of Birthdays with our family is always Birthday Dinner. We ate way too much salsa and guacamole and I got so many unexpected gifts.

Me and Husband at dinner
Me and Husband at dinner

ANNNDDDDDD I got the most wonderful present! LOTS of my family and friends pitched in to get me an awesome new camera! I got the Canon 70d and I am so in love.

I found the perfect subject on which to practice my skills...
I found the perfect subject on which to practice my skills…

The only thing that could have made this day better would be to have my out of town family and friend with me to celebrate.

BIG thanks to everyone for making my day so great!

Cheers and Happy Hilarie Day to each of you!


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