Taking a Time Out

I guess our little surprise hospital visit had a bigger effect on me than I realized. I had post-traumatic sleepiness and anxiety this weekend and I can only guess the nightmares and anxiety I was having stemmed from the “false alarm“. Soooo, we took it easy and had a nice relaxing weekend. I needed some time out to just chill and remember that everything is actually okay. It happened to be one of the most beautiful fall weekends this years too.


Since Insanity is over, I took Belle on a long walk everyday and even did some yoga, which I miss so much! We walked at the park and all over my neighborhood. Husband went for runs because he’s apparently a big exercising show-off now.

yellow leaves red leaves orange leaves IMG_20131110_110219 IMG_20131110_105912 IMG_20131108_143439 belle

our driveway!
our driveway!

And because we must want to erase all evidence of Insanity, we ate Mexican food twice, my favorite. Saturday, we saw Ender’s Game, which was great. I haven’t read this series yet, but I’m convinced to start them now. Today, we went to one of our favorite boy’s 3rd birthday party!!!

This was the closest I could get to him taking a picture with me.
This was the closest I could get to him taking a picture with me. Don’ t you love the icing smeared on his face?!

Husband had the most fun picking out a present at Toys R Us. I thought I was going to have to leave with an extra toy for Husband to take home.

Say "cheese"!
Say “cheese”!

20131110_151738 IMG_20131110_171016

It was  a stress-free weekend and I feel good-as-knew and ready to start a new week! I have a big project that will be revealed on November 18th, so let’s all be excited about that! Tomorrow, we are starting the Asylum, so let’s all be out of breath just thinking about that. Oh, AND we got a free tour of the delivery and postpartum wings of our hospital, then got to fill out our baby’s birth certificate papers! Geez, time is flying by!

birth certificate

Hope everyone else got to enjoy their weekend too!


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