Her Name

Long before getting pregnant, I knew it would be a challenge to pick a baby name, boy or girl, didn’t matter. I was not the kind of little girl who picked out baby names when I was twelve, which is probably a good thing. Otherwise we might have a little girl named either Patty Mayonnaise or Clarissa. I’ve also taught for the last 6 years, so many many names have been ruined for me.

We started searching baby names the second we found out we were pregnant and came up with a list of top 5 names for both boys and girls much faster than I thought possible. Eventually, we found out “it” was a girl, narrowed the names down to our top 3 and came to a standstill. Husband had a favorite; I did not. Honestly, I was 99% sure I’d go with Husband’s favorite, but I wanted to dwell for a while. After all, picking a name is serious business. It basically determines their whole life! What if they have a lisp? How easy is it to make fun of? What nicknames can be easily made? Is it too popular? Too unique? Too boring?

I tried calling her a different name each day to see if one sounded “right”. I also shared the names with our friends and family to get opinions, and learned my lesson. (Next time around, we will be keeping our baby names a surprise until we have made our decision!) I put middle names with each of them and even googled the meanings to all the different names. I wanted her name to be just right.

About a month ago we decided that Husband’s first choice was the best choice, and that beautiful little name is….

name and star

Luna Hazel!

We love it and have been secretly calling her Luna for weeks now. I don’t know what took me so long to share, I guess I just wanted to make it special. I decided to announce it for the first time to everyone on the blog. So, Mom, let it soak it, learn to love it, then call me and pretend you’re super excited about it!

whole onesie

My friend/former co-worker made the onesie for me. She is a kindergarten teacher and a Mom of 3 with a ridiculous amount of talent and creativity. She’s one of those people that makes you think “Seriously, how does she do it???” On the side of everything she does, she makes custom children’s clothes that are so stinkin’ cute. I highly suggest you check out her Facebook page The Knock-Out Sprout.

luna hazel

Miss Luna Hazel will make her debut in mid-February! Can’t wait!

her name

Oh and BTW, her name means “Moon Commander”, which we find hilarious and adorable. It was definitely the most interesting out of all the names.

new onesie


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