Mokuyobi Bag Winner!


Okay, okay…I actually randomly selected a winner at midnight last night, but because our Internet is not working (it’s been over two weeks now! Comcast is definitely on the naughty list this year.) at home, I had to wait until today to post it. I love hosting giveaways, but I hate having to pick one winner. To be as fair as possible I always put everyone’s name into a random selector online (there are A LOT of fun ones that are made for teachers).

In case you missed it, this giveaway is for a Mokuyobi Threads Bedord Bag.

blur briefcase


The Family Class!Β Β The Family Class actually has her own WordPress blog where she writes about her life, her family and lots of ways to save money and be thrifty. Congrats Family Class! *PLEASE email me ( your first and last name and address. I will send your info. along to Mokuyobi Threads and they will Β send you your brand new Bedford Bag!

Thank you SOOOOOO much to all of you who entered. I am so sad that you could not ALL get a new bag. However, I will be hosting another giveaway very soon, so stay tuned!

If you are interested in purchasing your own Bedford Bag then check out Mokuyobi Threads site and take a look around!

back of backpack



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