Prince or Princess?

Last night was the first night in over a month, I repeat: over a month, that Husband and I have had the house to ourselves. I do not even know how many people have stayed with us over the last month, but we are happy to be empty nesters for the time being. I’m sure we’ll be lonely in a week and begging our friends to come sleepover, but until then let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the quiet, clean empty house.

Moment over.

Sunday was our gender reveal party! We had 20 people over for Sunday brunch and a very special reveal (including my parents, who flew in from Texas for the big reveal).  I had so much fun getting my house ready for our little party… I took out our nice dishes, bought fresh flowers, unpacked the Halloween/Fall decorations, which has been in storage for years, and set up tables and chairs on our deck for extra seating.

Love the dining room table Husband and Dad-in-law made!
Love the dining room table Husband and Dad-in-law made!

breakfast table

(I painted this table!)
(I painted this table!)

We had so much delicious food made and brought for brunch. The weather was perfect and almost everyone wore pink or blue, like I told them they had to do. There were a couple non-conformists…shame shame. It was perfect and exactly what I wanted.

view into dining room the deck family table

After we stuffed our faces and called a few other family members on Skype (My sister wore pink even though she was all the way in Dallas), we finally got to cut into the cake that our awesome Aunt Amy made.

He or She?
He or She?

it's a girl

Best cake ever!
Best cake ever!

A girl! A girl! We are having a little Hilarie Jr. and we could not be more excited! Grant it, we’d be excited either way, but it’s so awesome to finally know what it is. I see lots of Disney princesses, glittery tutu’s and Gilmore Girls marathons in our future.

After the big reveal several of the people on the “blue team” revealed their own secret…they were all hiding some secret pink! Husband had on pink boxers, one friend had a pink ribbon in his pocket and another had a pink Disney princess in her pocket. Even my Mom-in-law (who wore purple) had pink buttons hidden in her pocket.

secret pink

Even big sister Belle was decked out in pink.
Even big sister Belle was decked out in pink.

Now, it’s time to make a big decision. What will this little girl’s name be? We are down to three top choices…I think we will make a final decision soon. Less than 20 weeks until we get to meet the little princess!

baby girl


6 thoughts on “Prince or Princess?”

  1. I love your yellow Cheveron table! Also I was thinking of wearing green; according to Gilmore Girls when Sherri had Gigi green is the new pink! I can’t wait to meet your little princess!

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