My weekend was so fun that I couldn’t even manage to squeeze in some blogging action. I did write lots today but alas our internet is broken and Comcast is mean. So, tonight I’ll share some photos I found while finally unpacking our photo albums the other day.

I planned to arrange our dvd’s, books and albums in about an hour one afternoon and ended up spending four hours looking at thousands of old photos. Thanks to these crazy pregnancy hormones I cried and cried over most of the old pictures. Lucky for you, I snapped a few photos of photos on my phone, and since my phone has a tiny bit of internet signal out here in the woods its pretty much all I can do tonight.


Little Hilarie…always a ham.


Me and Kelly…gearing up for the Shrimpfest pageant. Yes, that’s a real thing.


Me and my favorite girls getting ready to perform in high school…yeehaw!


Me and dad….awwwww.


Baby Belle!


Meeting Hilarie Duff.


The moment I knew Husband was the one…I convinced him to dress up as Peter Pan after just meeting him. This was at our Disney cast member pajama party.


Classic sister photo. Seriously Mom, what were you thinking!?


3rd grade slumber party!


My last day working at Blizzard Beach with one of my best friends.


And the most adorable Minnie Mouse you ever did see.

So many good memories…and many more to come.



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