Skipping Rocks on the River

cummins falls

A couple Saturday’s ago, while in Chicago actually, my friend Sara messaged me and asked if she could come visit. “Of course!” I said, “When do you want to come?” Her response was basically, “I’m leaving tomorrow and I’ll see you on Monday!” Classic Sara.

We love Sara and have had so many random adventures with her since we met in Albania. When we heard she was coming to stay with us we immediately began making plans for some wild Tennessee adventures. We decided that our first “adventure” should be slightly easy…we didn’t want to scare Sara immediately. We took her to Cummins State Park .

This park is a new state park. It has hiking trails, an overlook to the waterfall and one of the top ten swimming holes in the United States. When we arrived we were greeted by a friendly park ranger. She told us we could take an easy hike to the overlook, or a difficult hike through water and slippery slopes that leads to the bottom of the waterfall. We obviously chose the latter. The ranger took one look at my sandals and suggested we try it when we all have on tennis. We thanked her for her suggestion and made our way to trails.

We walked down a muddy trail that led to the river bank. Most of the hike involved walking down the side of the river, and a little bit of wading as well. Sometimes the bank was too steep and sometimes we had to cross to the other side. We started our trip trying to keep our feet dry…soon we wouldn’t even have dry clothes.

belle in water
Belle had the BEST time chasing sticks! She is usually terrified of water, but seemed not to notice it this trip.
It was a little slippery on the moss covered rocks, but it was never dangerous.

belle stick

Finally, we spotted the falls. All of us were a little stunned at how big and beautiful they were. We had no idea what we were actually hiking to until we found it.

the falls


stacked rocksme and pete

Like I said, we had no idea what we were going to find, so we didn’t plan on swimming. None of us had swimsuits and we were envious of the people climbing the falls and jumping in the water.

“Take your clothes off.”

That’s what I told Husband, “If you will, I will.”. We all swam in our sports bras, leggings and boxers. We climbed behind the waterfall, jumped into the freezing swimming hole and had a great time.

jumped in

It was perfect! After we were chilled to the bone, we put our clothes back on, hiked back and managed to be mostly dry by the time we got to the car.

We stopped to skip rocks on the way nice to have time to skip rocks.
We stopped to skip rocks on the way back…so nice to have time to skip rocks.

And this was just the beginning of Sara’s Tennessee adventures.


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