A Wedding Seen Through Instagram

My cousin’s wedding in Chicago was beautiful and a blast! This is the first wedding Husband and I have been to together since our wedding. Being at a family wedding, thinking of our own and being pregnant made me a sentimental mess. I teared up when the bride walked down the aisle, when they were announced “Mr. and Mrs.”, when the best man gave his speech and when the bride’s grandfather got up to dance. It was just so sweet!

At the cocktail hour we found coasters that asked the guests who use Instagram to use a specific hashtag on all their photos so the bride and groom could easily see all the photos taken at their wedding. Genius! I was excited to start snapping and hashtagging some photos. Husband…well Husband not only got excited, but soon believed he was their actual photographer. I am not exaggerating when I tell you he took 120 Instagram photos at this wedding.

Cousin, I’m sorry. I’m sure you are rueing the day you came up this idea.

Between the two of us we took some fun and snazzy photos of their big day…

Have any of you used a specific hashtag at a special event or big party? I’d like to try it for my next big shindig…maybe a baby shower!


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