The Beach

Guess who hasn’t been writing and has more excuses?! I’m afraid I can’t use pregnancy as an excuse this time…whatever, yes I can. I’m pregnant.

Actually, a good friend of mine has been staying with us all week so we have been super busy forcing her to do everything Nashville has to offer. While I have a moment tonight, before I pass out, I want to share some of the gorgeous photos from Hilton Head’s beach.

beach panorama copy

Several storms rolled in during our week in HHI which made for some awesome photos on the shore.

stormclouds raincloud copy fireclouds copy

The last morning  I got up at 5am to be sure to catch the sunrise, but my beautiful beach sunrise was rudely interrupted by another incoming storm.

sunrise copy sunclouds copy

Besides photos of the sky and sand we spent way too much time being ridiculous and immature. After our big annual family photo the young ones decided to hang around and take “vadering” and “Hadoukening” photos. I know, I know…this is like so 2 weeks ago. Who cares, it was fun!

vader zoeyvader copy stephpower copy hadouken copy

Don’t you want to hangout with us?


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