The Farm

I’ve been in Nashville for a month now, and finally found time to make it out to Uncle Kelly’s farm. Zoey had plans to create her own “tool belt” for work on set and the rest of us tagged along for just good ol’ fun on the farm. Uncle Kelly, who is an expert at creating beautiful handmade leather goods,  worked hard on Zoey’s project, Husband and Dad-in-law rode the dirt bikes until they hurt themselves and I wondered around trying to break in my barely worn cowgirl boots.

Uncle Kelly working away
Uncle Kelly working away
Zoey designing her new bag
Zoey designing her new bag
My boots are so happy to be worn!
My boots are so happy to be worn!

Photo 11

Leather tools
Leather tools

Photo 15

We were also treated to lunch at the local “meat and three” which is the BEST homemade southern food! OMG, I am so hungry right now just thinking about it. Everything is buttery, full of flavor and reminds me of home (the Texas home).

Photo 1


Cousin Steph decided to join us and the two of us spent an hour roaming a tiny portion of the 50 acre farm and picking wild blackberries. We ate fresh berries until we were stuffed, then brought back armfuls for everyone else.

Photo 1 Photo 12


The rest of the day was spent loving on the animals and making my own leather bracelet.

Photo 7
Zoey and her fancy new belt

Photo 10 Photo 4 Photo 3 IMG_6902


Sometimes, I love being a country girl…sometimes.



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