Paper Anniversary



Yesterday was mine and Husband’s one year wedding anniversary! My gift to Husband was a trip to NYC with many rooftop dates a few weeks ago. All I wanted from Husband was a finished bedroom to sleep in when I got to our new home. I came home Saturday night to a freshly painted bedroom, a new bed and a new occasional table built by Husband and my Father-in-law. It was the perfect gift, and I didn’t expect anything else…except a day of relaxing with Husband, and a card, and maybe breakfast in bed…

Sunday morning came and Husband did make me breakfast in bed. He also surprised me with a bouquet full of handmade paper flowers for our Paper Anniversary! I didn’t even know that one year is considered the paper anniversary.


Belle wanted to be a part of the celebration...
Belle wanted to be a part of the celebration…



Relaxing outside of our new house

After spending about 4 hours to very slowly shower and get ready for the day, Husband informed me that we were having a paper airplane contest as part of our paper celebration. I am probably the world’s worst paper airplane maker, but Husband kept insisting it would be fun to play and winning doesn’t really matter. Yeah, yeah sure. So, after a distance, height and accuracy contest we added up our points and I was determined the winner. I made sure to jump up and down and yell “I’m the winner” over and over and then gently remind him that “having fun is what is important”.


Husband gave me rice paper candies as a prize.



We spent the afternoon shopping and made sure to browse the local paper and stationery store.



Husband then surprised me again with a handmade paper bracelet! I don’t know how I ended up with such a creative and thoughtful guy, but I thin he is starting to make me look bad.



We ended the night having dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant with the whole family because that is how we tend to celebrate everything, with the entire family. It was such a nice day and I can’t believe it’s already been one year since our fairy tale wedding day. So many changes  and adventures have happened over the past year, and I’m so thankful to have experienced all of them with Husband.

all year


Can’t wait to see what this next year has in store! Happy Anniversary Husband!



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