Rooftop Dates

Husband and I were supposed to spend a month apart while he worked on our new house in Tennessee and I finished my job here in New York. I decided that a month is far too long and decided to fly him here this last week to spend a few days with me as an “anniversary present”. A couple of days before he arrived I started feeling guilty about his “present”. Obviously it is a gift for him to get to spend time with me, but he didn’t actually ask for this gift… so I planned to make it extra special by planning a special date each night he was here.

After much thought, I decided to do a rooftop-themed week of dates. Husbands most favorite thing to do is climb or sneak onto something very tall and scary. He especially loves the roofs of skyscrapers that provide views of the whole city. I researched the best roofs in the city and had a perfect date for every night.

The first night was at Gallow Green. This restaurant is on the roof of Sleep No Moreonly our most favorite show ever!


This restaurant is romantic and so very green. There are plants everywhere, Most of the seats and tables are made from unfinished wood and you can even eat in an old gutted train car. The atmosphere was perfect. It was warm outside and we watched the sun set as we ate. The food wasn’t great, and the service sucked, but we were so happy to be together on the romantic roof that we decided not to care. We also decided to pick up chips and salsa on the way home.


For Husband’s second night, I took him to the Pod Hotel. They offer a free rooftop with lounge chairs and a bar.


The bar was actually closed, but once again we didn’t let this little fact get us down. We still enjoyed the view, the sunset and relaxing in comfy seats before heading out for a romantic dinner.

datenight rooftop

The next two nights, stormed and stormed. Every city rooftop was closed, which meant all my plans were ruined. Once again, we decided to make the most of our rainy situation. Our first idea was to go on the roof of Grandma’s apartment, but don’t worry Grandma, that was impossible. We ordered in and watched TV instead.

For the rest of Husband’s stay it rained every single moment, but we still had a great time together. I borrowed Grandma’s red rain coat because all of my rain-gear is in Tennessee, and we found nice city views from many different (enclosed) places.

redcoat tiffanys

I was sad to see Husband go, but now my Mom is here spending the holiday weekend with me! My posts may be a bit sporadic the next few days, but if you want to keep up with me and the latest New York adventures just follow me on Facebook!

Happy Memorial Day!


3 thoughts on “Rooftop Dates”

  1. I love your Grandma’s raincoat on you!!! You MUST ask her if you can “borrow” it for your Tennessee rain dates!! Lol Enjoy your time with your sweet Mom, I know that she is loving it! 😉

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