Cherry Blossoms and Trouble Making

No matter where Husband and I go, we always find a way to get into trouble. By “we” I obviously mean “Husband”. He is always climbing something, jumping to and from things, rummaging random cabinets and trying every closed-door. Getting reprimanded by an authority figure comes as no surprise when on an outing with Husband. The problem is that Husband’s trouble-making ways have rubbed off on me a bit, and I often fail to even recognize when I’m breaking a rule.

During our recent visit to the New York Botanical Garden, I was extra careful and made sure that Husband was on his best behavior. I love this Garden and there is no way I’m going to get a bad rep here, which is why I didn’t budge when I heard an older angry woman screaming “No!” during part of our visit….

There are a few giant rocks in the new Native Plant Garden that I had used in the morning to relax and warm-up. After lunch, I returned to the rocks to take a few photos. I was at the top of the rocks when I heard the scary employee shouting at someone who was obviously breaking a rule. I looked around to spot the perpetrator, but found a furious employee glaring at me instead. I quickly ran down the rock, shocked to have been scolded, and found Husband laughing at the whole scene. As we walked past the strict elder staff member, she loudly told the guests in her tour group how “necessary it is to stay on the obvious path” and how “inconsiderate it is to veer off”. I get it lady, you’ve made your point.

As we left the native plants, I made a point to steer clear of any funny business…Husband made no such decision.


We walked a couple trails that were new to us, found a beautiful waterfall and ended up in a field of cherry blossoms! My spring coat matched the blooms perfectly, so we took the time for a much-needed photo shoot.


cherrytrees admiring

yaypedals closeup cherryblossums

As we left the cherry blossoms, Husband had a very mischievous idea…He had me walk ahead of him and our friend Dan. As they walked behind me, Dan had the camera and Husband jumped up to shake a branch on the tree. He thought a few falling petals would make a beautiful photo. He got a lot more petals than he bargained for, but the photo did turn out beautifully!

rainingpedals blendin

I couldn’t believe the rainfall of pink petals and turned around with excitement to find Husband under the tree surround by a ridiculous amount of fallen petals/evidence. Just as I was about to announce that we should skiddaddle, an adorable family came running over. They thought the petal idea was the cutest thing they have ever seen and just had to take a similar photo with their daughter.

adad lilgirl

NOW, it was definitely time to make ourselves scarce, before Miss Garden-Party-Pooper showed up. So, we headed to the most innocent section of the Gardens, the Family Garden.

sleeveless bunny

We managed to spend the rest of the day out of trouble and escaped without getting arrested for tree de-petaling. It was a lovely day, and the perfect last visit to the Gardens before moving….especially since I may never be allowed to return after this post. Sorry about that.


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