Before I Say Good-bye to New York

This is from our engagement picture in Central Park not long after moving here.
This is from our engagement picture in Central Park not long after moving here.

My time left living in New York is going by at lightning speed. With all the packing and organizing our life for this new chapter, I almost forgot my plan. “My plan” is to enjoy this city as much as possible during these last 7 weeks. I know we will come back and visit from time to time, but I still want to soak in my favorite parts before I’m no longer a “New Yorker” (if I ever was one to begin with).

Like all good plans, I began by making a list. My goal is to do all of my favorite things as much as possible before moving day. Devising a list of “the best New York has to offer (me)”, was a big task, but I have managed to make a Top 10 just for you!

1)   Eat at Tacombi. I don’t know if I will ever get sick of their tacos, fresh guacamole, rice and beans, vegetarian tamales or watermelon and lime juice. Wonder how much it will cost to get them to deliver to Tennessee….

2)   Central Park. I want to be here everyday. I’m fairly certain that I’ll miss my walks through Central Park the most. I want to take Belle for off-leash hours, eat my fav vegetarian hotdog, people watch by Bethesda fountain and get lost in the Ramble a few more times.

3)   Try on shoes at Bergdorf Goodman’s.

4)   Spend a day window shopping, and a little actual shopping, down Madison and 5th Avenue.

5)   See more Broadway shows.

6)   Have diner breakfast.

7)   People-watch from the red steps in Time Square.

8)   Go on a romantic date with Husband that includes a delicious dinner, a walk, and possibly a view of the skyline.

9)   Have ethnic/vegetarian food delivered for dinner at any hour I please.

10) Visit the MET and take my sweet time roaming from exhibit to exhibit.

There it is, my “must-do at least one more time before I move” list.

Friends and family, if you want to visit and have the Hilarie and Husband REAL New York experience you better act now, time and space are both limited!


6 thoughts on “Before I Say Good-bye to New York”

  1. I have been drooling about Tacombi guacamole for the last month. I want some soooo bad!! I have tried it multiple times at other places and it doesn’t come come close. It just makes me think of that Pace picante commercial. New York City!!! lol! Hope you get to do all of your to do things 🙂

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