Best Things About Leaving My Job

One of my photos from work

I may have mentioned I’m leaving my job soon, and I’m sad about it. However, I recently realized that quitting your job has its perks, and I am going to enjoy these perks for the next 8 weeks. I started this morning…

It was a typical morning,  I woke up feeling grumpy, needing coffee and desperately wanting to get back under the covers and snuggle Belle. Then, I remembered that I have 8 weeks left at work. 8 weeks left to spend with my co-workers and students. Many students I only see once a week! That means I have very limited time with these people! I immediately felt a little more awake and way more excited to get to work.

At work, everything is easier because if I am doing a task I hate I simply think…”only 8 more weeks!”. If there’s a trouble-child I think 2 thoughts…1)”Only 8 more weeks to have a positive impact on this kid!” and 2) “only 8 more weeks…Thank God”.

If there is a difficult parent, an annoying meeting, an ugly email or a demanding co-worker I don’t dwell on what a proper response it, think it over, re-write it, or sit quietly like I would have a week ago. I’m never unprofessional or mean, but it’s WAY easier to speak your mind and be honest with people when you aren’t concerned with losing your job. Suddenly that scary overbearing Mother doesn’t seem so intimidating…it’s a good feeling.

Knowing that I have a short time with my students also makes me a better teacher. I have more energy, I’m more positive and happier to spend time with them. Like all teachers, I want to create a brighter future for every kid I teach, now I have 8 weeks left to teach them everything I know! I want every lesson to be a good one, and every child to have a positive memory of me.

I want to be remembered as a good employee as well. I have to say…I am a HARD worker, but every employee has their dog days. But, knowing my days at work are numbered makes it easier to look past trivial instances that might normally bring me down, and stay focused on the bright spots in the day.

Looks like I am going to really enjoy these last two months at work. Maybe I’ll be able to drink less coffee too….but, probably not.



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