Top Ten Monday

Last night, I write out a list of everything I planned to get done today, starting with waking up at 6:30am.

HAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, I fell asleep at 2am while watching TV on the couch and did not get up anywhere close to 6:30. That’s okay though…I’m forgiving myself because it was my only day off this week, and I still managed to do almost everything on my to-do list. Booyah!

You know I love my Top Ten’s, so here’s my Top Ten Fav Moments of My Monday:

1. It was 70 degrees out and I wore a tank top! Hallelujah!

2. I did an old “Inhale” Steve Ross yoga workout and heard “Stomp” by Kirk Franklin. Talk about a flash back!

3. Found proof that it is actually spring.



4. Had a wonderful and long conversation with one of my closest friends.

5. Grocery shopped and made dinner all by myself.

6. Heard from Husband, and the house inspection seemed to go well!

7. Watched DTWS and oh my…I got teary-eyed four times! Grant it…it’s an emotional time of the month for me.

8. Gave myself a spring mani/pedi.


9. Cuddled with my love pup.

10. I have plans to be in bed early and go to sleep while watching Sabrina.

All this, and still had a productive day.



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