A Lovely Way to Adorn Your Plain Ol’ Boring iPad (Giveaway!)

Like my good friend Lorelei Gilmore, I like to make ugly things pretty with a little color and sparkles. As a teacher I get to put sparkles and bows on everything without any criticism, it’s basically my job to make everything look like it was invaded by fairies and unicorns. I also like to carry this over into my personal life. Husband isn’t a fan of glitter or anything kitschy, so I must come up with other ways to beautify my life and inanimate objects. Take my iPad for example…in less than three months I have gotten 4 iPad cases.

First, was the Juicy snake-skin case as a Christmas present from Husband. Next was the beautiful hand-made leather iPad case from Uncle Kelly. Then, there was the eco-friendly elephant case from Concrete Mode.

threeNow, friends I have another beautiful iPad case. This one comes from Herschel Supply Co. Brand. (The finest quality)



I think it has a nice clean look…not too cheesy. It also goes with most of my bags…obvious plus. The inside is lined with a super soft furry lining.

ipadsleeve slideout type wallpaper


Not only is the case nice, but the company is nice and generous and wants me to host a giveaway! Yay for you!



To win an identical case to mine simply follow my blog and comment below! Tell me why you want to beautify your iPad, tablet or nook OR tell me your poison at Starbucks!

Good luck to all! *Giveaway will end Tuesday, March 19th.




9 thoughts on “A Lovely Way to Adorn Your Plain Ol’ Boring iPad (Giveaway!)”

  1. I would love to wrap my iPad in this cover because it is so chic! When I take my iPad out my flat I wrap it in a scarf to stop it getting scratches, but it’s time I got an iPad cover. This is a real beauty! I’d sit in Starbucks sipping a while chocolate mocha feeling chic and proud!

  2. I LOVE the Herschel ipad cover! I had no idea they even made those! I think my iPad deserves this since I use it so much and still don’t have a good way to carry it around (except in my laptop messenger bag, which is huge!).

  3. Oh, you had to mention Starbucks! I am not an espresso, latte, coffee kind of person (I know, the shame…). I am however addicted to their shaken Tazo iced tea, black, grande, no sweetener, please. I try to stick with grande. I also adore their cake pops.

  4. I love the iPad case! Your collection of cases is so unique and fun.. but I do think the Herschel one is the most clean (like you said) and versatile. I would love to have one to call my own!

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