Arcade Games, Wine, Beer and a Good Time

I know I shouldn’t complain, but after my surprise Disney weekend, two 6-hour flights, no sleep, and a week of work I am EXHAUSTED. I truly needed a vacation after our vacation. Every single morning this week was torture and my doctor would not have approved of my caffeine consumption. My weekend could not have come soon enough. So, when Husband asked if I wanted to go out an hour after I got off work yesterday I thought….no, definitely not.

I just wanted to sleep, especially since I only had a few hours before a babysitting gig. However, Husband had planned to check out a new bar that doubles as an 80’s and 90’s arcade. I decided to skip the nap, pick up Starbucks and join him on his outing. This bar sounded too cool to miss.


Two Bits Retro Arcade is the coolest dive bar and grungiest arcade. They serve a thousand different beers, have a large wine selection and sell cheese and pepperoni pizza. The walls are lined with classic video games like Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, Frogger, PacMan, Tetris and so many more.

IMG_4746 IMG_4735 donkeykong bar

Husband is a gamer and I have never understood his love of games. As often as I’ve tried to grow in interest in his hobby, I just can’t. At least that’s what I thought…apparently I have a secret love for arcade games. Walking into Two Bits took my back to my childhood days.


Every Sunday after church my family would join many other church families at a local pizzeria that had an arcade in the back. My friends and I would spend all night using our quarters to race cars, play pinball, shoot bad guys and win animals from the claw machine. Two Bits made me feel like that kid again. They even had my most favorite pinball game, The Adam’s Family!


We spent the next two hours competing, having a foosball tournament and spending way too many quarters.

IMG_4742 IMG_4743 IMG_4688

I left the bar early, slightly tipsy, to run home and get ready to babysit. Two hours at Two Bits was not long enough…future visitors we WILL be taking you here!


7 thoughts on “Arcade Games, Wine, Beer and a Good Time”

  1. Omg my husband would die if he saw this place. He LOVES old arcade games. We have 6 pinball machines and various old arcade games in our basement, or “man cave” as he calls it. Looks like so much fun! So jealous!! 🙂

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