I Think I’m a Yogi (Giveaway!)


I am not a yoga expert, but I wear a LOT of yoga pants, like everyday. My job requires it, and I am not complaining. I am not a certified yoga teacher, but I teach eight yoga classes a week, again…not complaining. I am not calm or Zen about anything, but I practice being both every day often enough.

Yoga has become a huge part of my life over the last couple of years, but I did not own a yoga mat until a few weeks ago. There are so many yoga mats on the market that I did not even know where to begin. Lucky for me I got three very nice yoga mats to review!

My intention was to try each mat and rank them from “My favorite” to my “Not so favorite.” Turns out I am terrible at ranking and incredibly indecisive. Instead, I’ll tell you what I love and what I don’t love about each mat.



Mat #1: The Jade Yoga Mat

I love that this mat because it is eco-friendly, absolutely impossible to slip on no matter how sweaty you are, very durable and comfy and squishy. The company is all environment friendly and plants a tree for every mat sold. I do not love that it smells like a tire and is the heaviest yoga mat I have ever held.


Belle always has to be a part of the action...
Belle always has to be a part of the action…

Mat #2: The Kulae Mat

I love this mat because it is pretty, the most comfortable yoga mat, eco-friendly, and an “Elite Hybrid”. It’s so soft on my bare feet and not slippery. It’s a cross between a towel and a yoga mat so it’s great for soaking up all the access sweat from your intense hot yoga class. I even get compliments on this mat because everyone thinks it’s so pretty.  You know a yoga mat must look impressive to receive actual compliments.  I do not love that the skinny lines from top to bottom make me dizzy or that it’s a little trickier to clean than a rubber mat.


Such a ham...
Such a ham…


Mat #3: The Barefoot yoga Mat

I love this mat because it is pink, it’s also eco-friendly, and it is very light and the easiest to carry and use for traveling. It’s also a hybrid mat and is affordable, which is a huge plus! I do not love that there is nothing visually that separates this mat from any other yoga mat on the market.



Belle being very Zen
Belle being very Zen

Overall, every yoga mat was great and did it’s job with flying colors. Now, I have some VERY exciting news!  Kulae sent me an extra mat to give to one of you! I have a lovely pink Elite Hot Hybrid yoga mat for one lucky follower. Just “follow” me, and leave a comment telling me why you love, hate or have never done yoga. Hopefully the lucky winner can use their new fancy-pants yoga mat to get in shape, nap on or just carry around to match the yoga pants they wear to the grocery store.

*Winner will be announced in two weeks! (Saturday, March 2nd)


Best of luck!



14 thoughts on “I Think I’m a Yogi (Giveaway!)”

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yoga BUT the only time I have actually done it on a regular basis is when you and Dawn were with us at TFAA…that is a sure sign we need at least one of you back to keep us healthy and relaxed ahhhhhhh…..

  2. ooh, I was just walking in Target with my husband saying “I need a yoga mat” and he replied “well, maybe you should buy one after you actually go to a yoga class.”

    But, hear me out! I use them to stretch after my runs at the gym. I borrow the gross, sweaty gym mats and stretch on those, but how great would it be to have my very own mat to stretch on?!? Not to mention, my running shoes are hot pink and a matching mat would just seal the deal for me.

    I mean, I’d love to try yoga, too. And think of how much more motivated I’d be to try yoga if I had my own mat to bring to class! I like yoga– the bit that I’ve done– mostly because all of those classes ended with the instructor turning off the lights and letting us zen-out (nap) in child’s pose.

    I followed your blog and am crossing my fingers that I win! (Does finger-crossing count as yoga?)

  3. I, like Christy, miss our TFAA yoga sessions! I love the class at the Y, but being a late morning class twice a week, I rarely make them! But I LOVE YOGA!!!! I feel so relaxed & centered afterwards, an addiction could easy start! Plus, are there any clothes more comfortable to wear?!?!

  4. I just started yoga 2 weeks ago, but I’m completely in love with it! I love it because even as inflexible as I am, I can do it and am making great progress!

  5. I always creep on your blog but never comment. I totally heart yoga and have a terrible mat. Also, thanks for giving me great ideas on what to do when i visit New York this summer.

  6. I need to start doing it regularly to balance all my computer use pain. Jt just decided he wanted to add it to our homeschooling schedule.

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