Missing My Snow Day

The snow is mostly melted now. The huge piles of snow pushed to the sides of the roads have turned to gray sludge, and kids are no longer carrying sleds down the street. I am excited about spring weather getting closer, but the melting snow makes me sad. Luckily, I took plenty of pictures to remind me of the wonderland that was here just a few days ago. In fact, I have a few extra “snow day” pictures I want to share!

The night “Nemo” hit we decided to head to the roof to experience the storm. Husband tried his best to get Belle to enjoy the snow, but she only lasted about 30 seconds. At midnight, we tried again by taking her on a stroll through the storm.

IMG_4411 IMG_20130208_234427_577

Belle is such a weenie and spent all of her time inside doing this…

She is obsessed with this spot in front of the radiator.

Two days after the blizzard (the day we got our precious King Cake) we walked through Central Park to get home, and it was a foggy Wonderland…like something out of a dream.

IMG_20130211_115815_682 IMG_20130211_122021_914 IMG_20130211_122354_552

I tested my "waterproof Uggs" by walking through a giant puddle....turns out, they aren't so waterproof.
I tested my “waterproof Uggs” by walking through a giant puddle….turns out, they aren’t so waterproof.

We spent a lot of time huddled up inside over the snow weekend, which was great, but we got cabin fever in about 5 minutes. We used all our spare time to take creative family photos, braid hair, and convince Belle to like her new dog carrier (major fail BTW)

OMG, I spelled bangs wrong…Sorry but I am way too tired to go back and correct this.



Weather man says we will get a little more snow tonight, but there aren’t any blizzards in the near future. I shouldn’t complain though, poor Connecticut is still recovering from the massive storm!

Hope each of you get a nice snow day to stay home, cuddle and relax!



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