Organizing My Life

My life is a little hectic right now. My job responsibilities have doubled (although feels like they’ve tripled this week). I am finally tackling my fears and working on conquering my anxiety disorder. We are trying so hard to figure out where we are going to live next. (Buying a place is hard!) Then, you know all of life’s other responsibilities fit in their somewhere. Making time to workout and eat healthy is the biggest challenge. So, to make my life a little tiny bit easier I am trying to stay organized…very very, painfully, organized.

First, I have a new work space! We have always had a desk in our living room, but Husband has been the primary user. For over a year he has taken it over with his enormous bulky desktop and other computer gadgets that I don’t use. However, he got himself a nice new laptop last week, and the bulky desktop is now stored in the closet…leaving a free desk for me! Woohoo!

work station

I keep every single deadline, appointment, plan, number, lists, reminder, birthday, anniversary, holiday and memo in my agenda. Husband bought this Anthropologie agenda for me last year for Christmas and I refused to use it because it is blank…no dates, weeks, months or anything. Finally, (after lots of Husband’s nagging) I decided to take the time to fill it out and now I cannot leave the house without it. I live by my agenda.


I can work so much faster and even more productive when I can work in a clean cozy spot of my own.


I felt so great in my new clean and organized work space that I decided to organize my bathroom better. The hardest part of my day is most definitely the morning. I am such a child. EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. is a struggle. The cold weather does not help. I set four alarms every morning, make coffee, turn on Good Morning America, pump up my Top 40 Pandora playlist and still fall back to sleep on the couch every morning.

My organized desk is proving so helpful, that maybe an organized bathroom will encourage me to get ready and stay awake in the morning. To help with my big organizing scheme I got the Clip Tree!


The Clip Tree is awesome because it can go anywhere (the hallway, bathroom, shower, kitchen, bedroom, closet, etc) and hold anything. There are hooks, loops and different sized trays that are interchangeable. I put one of my “trees” in the hallways for all my scarves and crap, and this one in the bathroom for all my lady junk.

Speaking of lady junk: I LOVE everything made by Josie Maran right now. I feel all pretty and glowe-y when I wear her products. One day I plan to wake up and look just like her.

IMG_4339 copy

Maybe I’ll organize my closet this weekend, or maybe not. I’ve organized enough this week.


2 thoughts on “Organizing My Life”

  1. An empowered woman makes for an empowered story! Thanks for sharing. Anxiety is tough to tackle, I use an emotional release technique that has collapse time as I know it and created more peacefulness in my life than I imagined possible. Just thought I would share, if it is helpful I’d be happy to share what I have about it.

    With love,

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