Sunday Ski Trip

Zoey planned a skiing day-trip for us last weekend. I love the snow. I love sledding, building snowmen and throwing snowballs at people, but I do not love skiing. (Husband begs me to say, “I do not know how to ski”, but I am sticking to the previous statement.) I have been skiing a handful of times, and never had a great time.

We booked our day-trip with OvrRide to the Windham ski resort in the Catskills. OvrRide is awesome and for a very reasonable price we got a trip on a chartered bus up, free breakfast, and movies to watch during the trip. I may have been feeling uneasy about skiing, but the trip was definitely starting out on a good note.

I “do not love” skiing because I do not enjoy going fast, falling or feeling out of control…all of which happens when I ski (perhaps because I am not a very good skier…maybe). Also, I am terrified of breaking my leg or getting a concussion. I remember every skiing horror story I have ever heard….and they all run through my head on repeat during any ski trip.

When the ski trip was planned I said “Awesome!” and then planned on reading, drinking coffee, and lounging in the snow all day while everyone else skied the slopes. I would be perfectly happy to sit this one out. As we all know, I am terrible at saying “no”. Whenever everyone got all up in arms about me not skiing, I obviously gave in to their peer pressure and forced myself to ski.

Got my top knot and my fancy new Elephant Brand bag! Ready for the day!
Got my top knot and my fancy new Concrete Mode Bag! Ready for the day!
The lift
The lift
Check out my pizza position?? That is one skilled skier.
Check out my pizza position?? That is one skilled skier.
Snow lovies!
Snow lovies!

On one hand, I am glad I attempted skiing again. It was a much better experience than my last (in Kosovo, with Kamikaze skiers). I got a little better, AND I actually got to stay on the greens the whole time, so I didn’t have a panic attack about attempting the blues…again. Next time, I will definitely have less anxiety. (I did not sleep a wink or eat a bite the day before this trip.)


my attempt to go a little faster
my attempt to go a little faster


snow bunnies!
snow bunnies!

On the other hand…I would like to be able to say no and stick to it for once. At least I started off saying “no”, that’s an accomplishment in itself.

After a few trips down the easy slopes Zoey and I relaxed by eating tons of snacks, drinking coffee, and lounging in the sun while the boys mastered the blacks and all the moguls they could find.

See my favorite new water bottle? It's the best.
See my favorite new water bottle? It’s the best.
Such a perfect sunny day
Such a perfect sunny day
The boys returning from their adventures
The boys returning from their adventures

The bus ride home was warm and cozy with more movies and unlimited free beer.(I highly suggest using OvrRide to book a day trip if you are in the area.)


Overall, I consider the trip a success. I had a good time and no one broke any bones. We were even home by 8pm.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Ski Trip”

  1. The first ski trip I went on, everyone told me pizza and French fries. Like that was all I ever needed to know to ski. My second ski trip, I took a half a day of ski lessons and learned way more. It made it less terrifying to ski blues!!
    Also, I feel the peer pressure too!

  2. It’s really important to take ski lessons!! It makes sking safe and fun. Most places will have 1/2 day or full day lessons. The 1st time I skied was in Winter Park Colorado. Mark and I went to visit my girlfriend and her husband. I had never skied before. Everyday they dropped me off in the morning for my lessons. I would meet up with everyone in the afternoon. I never would have attemped the ski lift had it not been for lessons. I was sking some blue lines by the time we went home. Next time have Zoey get you both lessons! it’s much more fun when you know what you are doing.

    1. Oh I took ski lessons the first time we went skiing, and I’ve done the blues…even blacks in Kosovo (only slopes available, yikes!). I am sure I could benefit from more lessons, in fact, I’m positive I could. The problem is that I just do not enjoy skiing I think. I’m just a big scaredy cat!

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