I’m Probably the Best Sister Ever

I love to plan parties, but ever since moving to NY I have had very few opportunities to host any party. So, when I got the chance to throw my sister a baby shower, I went ALL OUT.

Before I describe to you how awesome her baby shower was, I’d first like to say I did NOT do it alone. My sister has some very sweet and generous friends who offered to help the second I said I was hosting. They contacted me immediately and were willing to help with anything they could. I have heard horror stories from girls planning parties together where people don’t pull their weight, aren’t reliable, or helpful. That was certainly not the case with this party. THANK YOU to each one of them and my parents for being so helpful and willing to go along with any idea I concocted.

Even my Dad got roped into helping with decorations...Dad, don't be mad that I posted this.
Even my Dad got roped into helping with decorations…Dad, don’t be mad that I posted this.

I chose the “rain shower” theme and carried it out through every detail of her baby shower. I’ll start with the decorations. I ordered lots of tissue paper balls to act as clouds around the house (Did I mention we held the shower at my Mom’s house?) I then used blue construction paper to cut out hundreds of raindrops. I sewed most of the raindrops together to make garlands and strands of raindrops.

lots and lots of raindrops!
lots and lots of raindrops!


I ordered a couple lacey parasols too.  We strung them up in the entryway and attached more raindrops.

The entryway
The entryway

I used blue, gray and a touch of yellow as the color scheme and carried it out through the plates, cups, napkins, flowers, confetti and cutlery. It wasn’t the most fun task, but I also cut out lots of little white clouds, whole punched them and slipped them over the blue and white paper straws.

A tedious task, but worth it
A tedious task, but worth it

For the guest book (one of my favorite parts), I found an adorable fingerprint guest sign-in on Pinterest. I loved it so much and was just about to order when Zoey says, “I can make that”. So she did, and it turned out better than the one I would have ordered.

Turned out so cute!
Turned out so cute!

Next, came the activities. We played a game called “My Water Broke!” which is so simple and silly, everyone was willing to play. I froze about 40 tiny plastic babies (the kind you’d find in a king cake) in ice cube trays. Once everyone at the party had their drinks I passed out the frozen babies and announced that whoever’s baby melted free first must shout “My water broke!”. First one wins! I gave the move Singing in the Rain as the prize.

creepy or cute?
creepy or cute?

I also had a onesie decorations station! We bought lots of onesies, all different sizes, long sleeve and short sleeve as well as lots of supplies to use as decorations. We had fabric paint, fabric markers, tons of fabric, scissors, and fabric glue. My Mom decided to cut out some simple shapes and pictures ahead of time, which was a genius idea!

That's mine in the upper left corner (another pinterest steal!)
That’s mine in the upper left corner (another pinterest steal!)
"Everything looks cute on a onesie!"
“Everything looks cute on a onesie!”

Finally, the food! The first thing I did was to ask my sister her favorite foods. I then sent the list to my co-hostesses and they divvied up the duties. Since I try to stay far far away from preparing food, I made the labels. Because I am incredibly cheesy I made every label include a word that somehow related to rain…some are a bit of stretch, but still cute. My favorite? Cloudy With a Chance of Boudain Balls.

A friend of the family made the cake, a wonderful kind-hearted woman who had a very strong impact on my life, who also happens to be one of the craftiest people I know. She is one of those talented people who can make anything. I only told her a cake with an umbrella, or something to that affect, and I love what she created!

All of my sister's favorite foods
All of my sister’s favorite foods

The decorations, the food, and the activities were all great, but the best part was by far the guests. We had about 40 people show up for the shower! It was like Thanksgiving, minus the men. There were family members who showed up whom I have not seen in years! I was overwhelmed with the outcome, I only wish I had more time to catch up with everyone.


lemon drops were given as party favors
lemon drops were given as party favors

My sister was smiling from ear to ear the entire day, but she actually had the biggest surprise of all.  While we were decorating, we kicked her and my Brother-in-law out of the house so I could keep all of the decorations a surprise. As they were out eating lunch, they began to discuss baby names, and it hit them…the perfect name. Right in the middle of iHop, over eggs and pancakes, the perfect name was chosen.

Micah Liam

Micah, this Aunt could not be more excited to meet you! BTW, you are going to be one very spoiled little boy!


Aunt Positively Panicked.

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