Crafting in the City

Want to know best part of planning a party? The shopping. That’s right, if you plan a party you get to shop, guilt-free. After all, its not for you, its for the party!

My favorite places to buy my party decorations for my sister’s shower were Amazon, Oriental Trading, and Etsy. Beware though…online shopping is a dangerous sport. A few garlands, some confetti, balloons, and a candelabra quickly turn into $400 worth of sparkly things that are completely useless. I learned that back in Party Planning 101, or what I like to call “college”.

Not all decorations can be found online, some have to be made, which requires a trip to a craft store!

I love stores like Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s, but ever since moving to NY I have stepped into a craft store maybe once. I know there are numerous ones around the city, but I have not been very crafty since moving here…there’s just not enough space for crafts. There’s not even enough space for my nail polish.

We went all the way to Union Square to shop at Paper Presentation for the shower. Okay, we were actually in Union Square for a completely different reason, and happened to see the craft store, but whatever. I needed supplies.

A beacon of hope
A beacon of hope

It’s been so long since I have shopped amongst rolls of ribbons, rows of paints, and aisles and aisles of pretty paper…it was overwhelming.

IMG_4033 2 IMG_4039 IMG_4042

Who's that homeless lady shopping?? Oh yeah...that's me. It was one of my no make-up, pajama days.
Who’s that homeless lady shopping?? Oh yeah…that’s me. It was one of my no make-up, pajama days.

IMG_4048 IMG_4052 IMG_4060

We got what I needed, and went home to craft away! The end result will be posted soon! I may even get inspired to finally do one of the millions crafts I’ve pinned!


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