Swings For Grown-Ups

Not the dirty kind….

Last weekend, Zoey, Husband and I went to the Park Avenue Armory to see Ann Hamilton’s latest installation “The Event of a Thread”. We stupidly went the last weekend of the exhibit and had to wait in line for almost two hours, but it was very much worth the wait.

The line wrapped around the entire block!
The line wrapped around the entire block!

The exhibit was in a gym-sized room full of large wooden swings all attached to a giant white piece of fabric. Anyone and everyone were welcome to swing and pull the fabric back and forth. If you weren’t swinging you could lay on the floor and watch the enormous piece of fabric flow above you.

IMG_2972 IMG_2978 IMG_2967 IMG_2941

There were lots of other little things to see and I know there was a big symbolic meaning to the installation, but I had to leave too quickly to babysit some of my favorite kids. Now, I am just too mentally exhausted to explain anything with deep meanings. You can read all about it on Zoey’s blog though.

Plus, I made you a little video so you can really see what the show was all about. My favorite part is the view of the fabric flowing from above our heads, so magical! Enjoy!


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