A Nightmare

Today’s the day I’m actually able to sit down and write for at least a full hour. The last week has been INSANELY busy. We have had two friends staying with us, and of course work has been busier than ever. Oh, and it’s the holiday season! All week I have been mentally writing my blogs. What should I share first? How do I describe this?? When am I going to talk about that?? How do I select out of my thousands of collected photos???

Then, today happened.

My Mom called me the second I finished teaching my last class to ask if I heard the news.”No.” I had not even had time to look at my phone since 8:30am. Then, she told me about the school shooting in Connecticut. I listened to her describe the events in detail and my eyes welled with tears. We spoke until I got home, where I found Husband and I cried to him.

As a teacher, my biggest fear is losing a student. I once had a child get in a car accident and for the split second I waited to here “He’s okay”, I felt I might die. I cannot begin to comprehend what this school and its employees are feeling. We love our students as our own. The pain of losing one must be tremendous. I imagine we will here lots of heroic teacher stories over the next few days.

As a woman who cannot wait to have her own children, I am devastated. Parents all over the country are counting their blessing tonight. My heart breaks when I think of the parents who heard the news and rushed to the school not knowing if their child was safe.

It does not feel right to share any “positively panicked” posts today, just positive prayers and thoughts to everyone affected by this tragedy.

Hugs, Kisses, and Lots of Love


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