Friend Pictures

As an adult, I find it very challenging to make new friends. I have moved around quite a bit since high school, and only made a handful of close friends. This may have a little bit to do with the fact that I am still incredibly close to a handful of my high school/hometown friends.

A couple of my best girlfriends have also moved away from home, and we all stay as close as we can through phone calls, emails, and Facebook. A few more of my best friends still live back home, which is great for me! Any trip I make to Texas, I spend as much time as possible with these beautiful ladies.

We all somehow found each other as teenagers and have never separated. I don’t know how I manage to surround myself with the wittiest, most beautiful, and thoughtful group of girls, but I am so grateful to have them in my life. We are soul mates, just as close as Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, closer even.

We are all married now, half of us have children, and life seems to be moving faster than ever. So fast, that I am afraid we will forget all these rare moments we get to spend together. In order to capture this time in our lives we decided to take “Friend Pictures”.

It wasn’t east to find time over a holiday weekend for all of us to get together with a photographer, but we worked it out, and the pictures turned out better than we even imagined. Chris Roach was our photographer. He was very patient. We had temper tantrums, tears, wiggle worms, and frowns, and that was just the adults! Somehow, he managed to make us all look great!

We LOVE these pictures so much that we may turn this into an annual event.

Husband took his own set of pictures during the photo shoot to catch all the candid moments.

Nothing’s better than baby hugs.

Way TOO cute!
I cannot get enough of my friend’s adorable kids!
This was all of us trying to get the babies to smile and look at the camera.

Has anyone else ever taken Friend photos? A few people thought I was crazy for wanting to take these, but my friends are family, and if we take family photos, why not friend photos?

Big thanks to my friends for being the best, and a very special thank you to Chris for capturing these moments for us!


4 thoughts on “Friend Pictures”

  1. I am so glad we did this and the picture session went perfect! I am so glad we have stayed friends over the years and gotten closer 🙂 couldn’t ask for better people in my life. Love you Hilarie!

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