Where Do I Even Begin???

Our weekend at Disney has been a marathon! Which makes sense considering the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon was held while we were there. We only had Saturday and Sunday to spend at the parks and we ran from attraction to attraction, from open til close both days; I have the blisters to prove it. I have oh-so much info to share with you that I’ll be breaking this down into a couple (or several) different posts.

Our very first adventure was getting access to New Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. Thanks to our Annual Passes we got tickets to a special preview! It was perfect; we didn’t have to wait in line for a single ride. The new expansion (which won’t be completely finished until 2014) is UNBELIEVABLE. It’s the most magical land in Disney yet.

The entrance to New Fantasyland.

We began in Enchanted Forest at Gaston’s Tavern. Everything in New Fantasyland is just like what you see in the movies, and Gaston’s Tavern is no exception.

The signature drink is LaFou’s Brew. It’s Disney’s version of Butter Beer. The drink is made of frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped off with a mango and passion fruit foam head, and served in a souvenir stein or goblet. It tasted as good as it sounds, better even.

We drank these super sweet drinks before 9am, before I even had my coffee! Although, the sugar just about did the trick, and having coffee immediately after made all the running much more bearable.

Tune in tomorrow to hear about my acting debut with Belle!


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