Haunted Pumpkins, Oh My!

My main reason for trekking out to the NY Botanical Gardens was to check out their Haunted Pumpkin Garden. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that everything there was interesting and entertaining, and the Pumpkin Garden was just a fringe benefit.

The Haunted Pumpkins can be found in the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden. The second we entered through the Haunted gates, ordained with jack-o-lanterns, we were in awe. Hundreds of pumpkins were carved and shaped to create intricate designs, creatures, and creepy characters. About half way through my tour I discovered, that about half the pumpkins were not actually real pumpkins, but whatevs…it still looked awesome and spooky.

Sooo excited!

This picture does not do this caterpillar justice. It was over 10 feet long!
sunflower and toadstools
aww what a fuzzy lil’ cutie
This guy could stand to gain a few…

Moms and Dads, if you are looking for a photogenic spot to snap some autumn pictures of your kids, this is the place! Not only are there intricate scenes covering every inch of the garden, but also there are adorable sections full of natural props, perfect for any photo shoot. Is it sad that I’m already planning the costumes and photo angles for my own non-existent children? I just can’t wait to have a toddler in a Mickey costume!

Don’t we fit perfectly in these little log chairs?
our own photo shoot

I enjoyed sitting and people watching for a while too. There were tons of cute families, toddlers in funny costumes, and employees helping children learn and discover in the garden. There’s an indoor laboratory, a large maze, and SO much more!

Those are some roots!
learning the parts of a flower
getting lost in the maze

For this Halloween season they have a house made of pumpkins, a puppet show area, and a few hands-on learning stations. So cute!

House O’ Pumpkins….See the little cutie in the Mickey pants!?!?
Show time!
OF COURSE, I participated in a learning station! I learned all about how to plant a buckwheat seed.

The Haunted Pumpkin Garden turned out to be a little bit trick and a little bit treat; it’s certainly worth a trip out to the Bronx! Dress up your kids, pack some snacks, hop on a train, and have an awesome time learning and exploring in the Children’s Garden! (Kids not required…just look at us!)

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