Stress Management

Why, hello there! I’ve been MIA for the last 5 days but I have a good, or at least an understandable reason: stress. This past week was just too much. My job is good but it’s also hard, extra hard at times.  For years I would force myself to do EVERYTHING on my to-do list no matter what the cost, which was usually sleep, sanity, and clean hair. So after not washing my hair for four days (oh please, I know I’m not the only one) and losing too much sleep, I decided something would have to give this week. That “something” was this blog. It’s the one thing that I don’t have to do to, you know, get paid and stuff.

Whenever I force myself to do too much it has a toll on my physical and mental health, and that almost always ends in a panic attack. That is just something I don’t want to risk anymore. The answer to my problems was to take a break from writing. Instead of blogging I used that tiny bit of extra time to do stuff that has zero expectations of me, and requires little to no effort.

First on the list was getting my hair done because my roots were disgustingly long (like 8th grade, winter-time, when my sun-in was fading long), and I was just too drained to wash my own hair.

Then, as a reward for being so responsible, Husband made me chocolate chip cookies and gave me all the extra batter.

mmmmm raw cookie dough
proof he loves me…or maybe he just loves cookies..

The next day, I decided a trip to Target was in order. Retail therapy is always the answer to being sad, angry, stressed, tired, lonely, bitter, etc. I bought crap I don’t need like a Jack-o-lantern shirt, skeleton socks, and popcorn. Most importantly, I spent a half-hour in the Halloween section.

channeling Dick Van Dyke and Mary Poppins
he just loves when I force him to go to Target

Later, I saw Frankenweenie (ummm, a little too depressing), and then had a date night in Chelsea. Husband and I accidently found ourselves at the new Urban Space in the Meatpacking district (or in Chelsea? I’m not completely sure what the difference is…) I was BEYOND excited because Roberta’s has a food cart here! This Brooklyn pizza joint is oh-so-amazing. Their bee-sting pizza with hot sauce and honey is unbelievable!

As we were walking around we happened to spot a large crowd and crazy-looking stage on the pier. Turns out, that David Blaine decided to do his latest trick at the exact moment we walked to the pier. We literally walked straight to the front of the stage minutes before he walked in front of us, went on stage, and electrified himself with 1 million volts of electricity.

he walked right past us
the build-up

The build up was pretty exciting, especially in the middle of hundreds of David Blaine fanatics shouting “WE LOOOVVVEEE YOOUU!” but the actual stunt was less thrilling than I imagined. It was still completely insane, just not as loud and bright as I imagined “a million volts.”

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with two childhood friends that I have not seen in at least 6 years, taking Belle to off-leash hours, eating the biggest breakfast ever at Big Daddy’s diner, and hosting a chili/wine/monkey picnic/Dexter party.

doggy hill
coffee, juice, pancakes, eggs, toast, and hash browns please!

Five days later, I’m feeling much better, more Zen. Thanks for understanding the hiatus. Take it from me; it’s not necessary to do EVERY thing on that to-do list. It’s probably not even possible. So, take some time to drink a glass of wine, read a book, and go for a walk this week. It’s worth it.


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