DIY Cross T-shirt

My last DIY blog turned out to be WAY more popular than I ever imagined, and with all the hits I decided that either you all LOVE my shirt and want one just like it, OR you all want to see what not to do to your old/large tee’s. Either way, I’ve been inspired to create a new shirt, a DIY Cross cutout tee.

I got the idea from this sweatshirt on

The whole plan started off very similar to the skull shirt.

-First I drew exactly one million little rectangles in the shape of a cross. I used a post-it to trace. (I used another of Husband’s extrashirts from E3-that really big video game convention. I don’t know what any of it means, but I know I’m advertising some popular video game.)

-Next, I cut off the bottom corners, parts of the sleeves, and the collar because that’s the style I was going for, and tend to wear.

-Then, I cut out the rectangles. This was excruciating and very, very time consuming. After an hour, my hand was permanently shaped to the handles of the scissors and I decided that lying on the floor and staring at the ceiling might be a better use of my time. FYI, these little rectangles were hell to cut without accidently cutting through the next rectangle. It required A LOT of patience and coffee, and a few choice words.

-What felt like years later, I finally finished! Voila! Looks okay, except that the shirt is ENORMOUS.

-The next plan was to take in the giant tee. I found this tutorial on Pinterest, which looked super easy. The only problem being that my sewing kit was stolen* this summer, and I keep forgetting to buy a new one. So, I got all crafty and resourceful and did this entire tutorial with a little bottle of fabric glue. It turned out perfectly! The seams look as if I they were machine sewn.

Here’s the final result. I’d like to apologize now for the poor pictures…I don’t know what Husband was thinking, but this is all he got. The “taking in” part turned out better than the actual cut-out. If you plan on trying this, I suggest making a smaller cross so it’s easier to visualize.

It was very chilly the day I decided to show off my “new” shirt, so there was just no way I could wear it without a layer underneath.

I was feeling especially artistic, so I also attempted this Pinterest tutorial on my hair: the double braided hand band.

Forgive my crossed-eyes and giant forehead…that’s what I get for quickly snapping a photo with my phone while exiting the subway. Just focus on the hair.

Hope someone has fun with this!


*My sewing kit was in one of my suitcases packed for the wedding, which was “lost” during transit. Along with my sewing kit, I lost basically everything I bought for my wedding including my 3 most favorite pair of shoes, which were all only worn once! So depressing…please never use Greyhound to ship any of your luggage. They are not the nicest company to deal with, and could care less that many of wedding memories are forever gone. I learned my lesson the hard way.

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