Brooklyn Dumbos

While making plans for the weekend we decided to spend one day at the Dumbo Art Festival that we keep seeing advertised, and one day in Brooklyn hanging out with a friend who lives in Brooklyn Heights. Little did we know that “Dumbo” is the name of a neighborhood in Brooklyn, and before we knew it we found ourselves spending the whole weekend in in the Borough we typically avoid.

We don’t have any beef with Brooklyn. In fact, it’s actually a creative and trendy neighborhood with lots of good shopping, eating, and hipster sight-seeing to do, but it’s SOOO far away, and we are SOOO spoiled to our own Manhattan neighborhood. Spending two days in Brooklyn is equivalent to spending two consecutive days at Universal Studios when you work at Disney…it just doesn’t happen.

We have only ventured into Brooklyn a handful of times so all the different neighborhoods are still puzzling and different for us. People mention names like Bushwick and Park Slope and my mind goes blank before into thoughts of Sephora and shoe shopping. Thank God for Google Maps which give us the gift of getting around easily at the touch of a button. We managed to get to Dumbo in less than half an hour, and immediately discovered Dumbo is basically in Brooklyn Heights.

The Dumbo Arts Festival presents over 500 local artists, has tons of free galleries, lots of fun projects for kids, AND is set right on the water between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. Our first stop was Dabney Lee, the cutest little stationary and trinket store, and stocked up on their free wine and snacks offer!

what a sweet card

Once we felt slightly tipsy and less hungry we left to explore the art world. We explored lots of local artists’ little galleries (where more free booze was given out), and then watched a performance piece that involved a bonfire in the middle of the street –I think, I did have a couple glasses of wine at this point.


a “foot bag” competition
Art in an old train car

The best part came when we discovered the park by the water. Brooklyn Bridge Park is gorgeous with some beautiful views! Plus, the park was spotted with more art and entertainment. There were Cirque type girls gracefully moving up and down column type thingy’s; there were pirate-ship bicycles, playgrounds, more art displays, and a rock-covered shore to sit and take in the views.

Lucky kids, getting to play in front of such scenic backdrop

We decided to stay in Brooklyn for dinner, which was three orders of fries at Five Guys. Saturday in Brooklyn was great, so great that we agreed to go back on Sunday. Tune in tomorrow for another dose of a day in Brooklyn!


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