Art Appreciation

After what seemed to be the LOOOONNGGEESSTTTT week of work ever (even though it was just a four-day work week), I decided I deserved a weekend full of fun, adventure, and little bit of relaxation. First experience to check off the weekend to-do list was Art. I am always saying that Husband and I do not take advantage of the museums, exhibits, and shows surrounding us. Our plan for Saturday afternoon was to hit up Museum Mile, which is only a quick 10-minute walk from our apartment.

First museum was the Whitney. I have been itching to check out the Whitney and its Yayoi Kusama exhibit. Upon our arrival we were greeted by a nice long line of people leading from the doors, all the way down the block. Waiting in lines was not part of our itinerary so we decided to save the Whitney for a better day and head over to the Guggenheim, which I have not been to in years!

The Guggenheim stood out among the bright blue skies, beckoning us, and promising hours of art appreciation.


The Guggenheim turned out to be a terrible tease. Just as I was pulling out my debit card to pay, the cashier mentioned that over half the museum was closed for the installations of new exhibits (including the spiral rotundas!). Needless to say, we said farewell and walked to the Met.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art recently opened the new “Regarding Warhol” exhibit. I really enjoyed all of Andy’s works that were put on display, but there were tons of artists inspired by Warhol who also had some very interesting pieces throughout the exhibit. The best part was the room full of large helium silver balloons, “silver clouds”.

Andy Warhol
A combination of a Marie Antoinette setting and Paris Hilton
Cindy Sherman as Marilyn Monroe


Eventually, I tired of getting lost in the Met and decided it was time for a change of Art. I had a more interactive exhibit in mind.

Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin designs some gorgeous shoes, works of art if you will, and I always choose to try on the most interesting pair.


Besides not being able to purchase these $1400 shoes, I would have few opportunities to wear these extravagant 6-inch heels. But, what’s the fun in trying on plain sensible shoes??? These are the type of shoes you plan outfits and occasions around.

We felt completely cultured and sophisticated after our Museum outings. Check! Now, we can spend the rest of the weekend eating and relaxing without an ounce of guilt.


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