No Longer Hate Mondays

I don’t do Mondays…any longer.

Starting immediately, my weekends now consist of Sunday and Monday. Meaning, my new work schedule is Tuesday through Saturday. Even though I have been really excited about my 5-day work schedule (last year I worked Monday through Saturday, and often Sundays too), I have been a little apprehensive about having non-traditional weekends.

Today is my first Monday off. It’s only 9am and I already love it! For the first time in weeks I managed to roll out of bed at 6:30am on a non-workday. I was tempted to fall into my normal routine of curling up on the couch with Belle and going back to sleep, but recently a friend reminded me how “mornings are cozy”, and I decided to stay up and enjoy the alone cozy time.

It’s always nice to be off of work, but I’ve got to tell you, there is something even nicer about being off of work when EVERYONE else is at work! Teachers know what I’m talking about…summer mornings, snow days, and spring breaks are SO much better as an adult. You can really appreciate the fact that you get some time to relax or be productive at home, and secretly revel in the idea that most of your friends are still getting up early to commute to work. It makes you feel special.

This morning, I took my time sipping my hot coffee, made a yummy vegetarian egg and bacon breakfast burrito, and actually watched ALL of Good Morning America. I may not have gone back to sleep, but I am currently wrapped in my Snuggie as Belle sleeps next to me.

Love my Mary Poppins mug


The sun raises right outside our large living room window and slowly illuminates the living room perfectly every morning, so I don’t even need to turn the lights on as I putter around our quiet apartment. Writing and working in the natural light while wearing my pj’s and finishing my now room-temperature coffee is going to be my new favorite way to spend Monday mornings.

It’s currently only 61 degrees and very fall-like outside, the sky is as blue as ever, and I’ve already checked 3 things off my to-do list! I think this is the beginning of beautiful new relationship with my former foe, Monday.

This view never gets old.


Hope everyone else, whether you are work or at home, has a great Monday!


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