Fun Day Numero Cuatro

For months now, Husband has been dying to go to Sony Wonder Technology Lab. I had never heard of this, and naturally assumed it was something that would bore me. However, this is our week of fun, and I am happy to let him choose one thing to do this week.

We had to wake up early to get tickets for this exhibit. I have been exhausted from lack of sleep each morning, so got up as late as possible,  threw on a cotton dress, put my hair in a bun, brushed my teeth, and left without even a sip of coffee or stitch of makeup (besides mascara…of course.) We arrived at least a half-hour before anyone else, and THANK GOD there is a café located in the lobby. We had breakfast and coffee and waited for dozens more people to rush in and wait in line for the free tickets.

A half-hour later, a Sony Wonder employee invited us and the one other family in to get our free tickets. She gave us her speech about the lab and ID cards that we were to use at each station. The one other family decided to go eat breakfast before starting their tour, which left the three of us to take on the entire lab by ourselves. Sweet!

This lab turned out to be a technology-filled kid’s science museum. We began by creating a profile that is connected to our ID card, and would be used to sign us in at each game and attraction.

We began our tour by performing heart surgery with a simulator. I almost threw up.

Next was a remote control car/robot exhibit that responds to the rules you give it. For example, one of my rules was that the robot/car would have to dance anytime it saw my favorite color (yellow)….and it did.

A few stations later, Zoey and I put on our own news broadcast, which was then played on giant TV screens for everyone to watch repeatedly until another visitor comes and makes a new broadcast, which hopefully happened soon after we left. Watching myself squint at the teleprompter as I stumbled over a fake news report about recycling with no make-up on and greasy hair was not exactly a self-esteem boost.

We played lots of other fun things like virtual video games, racecar games, created our own music with “Alicia Keys”, and edited our own movie trailer. It was fun, and at the end we were given certificates for completing the lab. I don’t think I’d do the whole exhibit again, but kids will definitely love this place AND it’s free. If you are planning on visiting the city with your family then I would definitely put this on the itinerary.

After lunch, Husband and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We have a membership here that we have only taken advantage of a handful of times. Considering the MET is only a 15-minute walk away that is a pathetic amount of visits. Plus, neither of us has made it to the roof the museum to the Cloud City exhibit. It’s time we put that annual membership to good use.

isn’t my new phone cover adorable and ridiculous?!

It’s nice to walk around the MET without feeling rushed or worried that I will get to see EVERYTHING. I know I can come back whenever I please…now I just need to actually come back.  Our membership expires this month, but I renewed it with great intentions. So if you are planning to come visit me this year, we ARE going to the MET.

I ended my lovely day with yoga in Bryant Park again. I did not arrive early enough to get my spot in the front, but the back turned out not to be so bad.  I was hanging with the cool kids, like the back of the school bus. I kept my headphones in the whole time so I could listen to Pandora instead of yoga-ese. Then, I skipped most of the relaxing portion so I could snap a few pictures…such a rebel.

Only a few days left to soak in all that’s left of summer. Happy Labor Day Weekend!


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