Fun Day Numero Dos

Today is dubbed Brooklyn Day! Our trio (Husband, Zoey, and myself) spent the whole day discovering what Brooklyn has to offer. Brooklyn is SOOOO far away from our apartments. It takes 45 minutes by train to get to this borough, which is just not worth a frequent visit.

Our first stop was the Dekalb Market. This market is created by Urban Space and is made from old shipping containers (old train cars). They made a small community from these containers and created several little shops, a performance space, and little eateries. It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth a trip to walk around this crazy recycled space full of really nice hand-made products.

After shopping, we took a couple more trains deeper into Brooklyn to get to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. This place is enormous and beautiful; it reminds me a lot of Cheekwood in Nashville. They have a really large field full of cherry trees that I am dying to come back in visit whenever they are in bloom. We spent hours walking around the floral exhibits and stealing fruit and veggies off the many low-hanging branches.

This tree is so beautiful, but hundreds of people have carved their initials into it.

They actually had a sign up that basically said they do NOT use the produce they grow, which to us was an open invitation to help ourselves. We weren’t the only ones either. While trying to reach some very high kiwi growing on the terrace over our heads we somehow convinced two male strangers to climb the lattice and the vines and pick several kiwi for us to share.

After all the walking and illegal snacking, Zoey got bored and left us to fend for ourselves. Husband and I hopped yet another train to get to the most trendy and hipster neighborhood in Brooklyn…Williamsburg.

There is a make-your-own jewelry store here called Brooklyn Charm that I just adore. I had a special jewelry project in mind that would require their help.

While visiting my Grandma last week in Texas I found an old coin that belonged to my PawPaw. It’s not of any value, it’s just a Grand Master’s coin from the Mason’s Lodge he was a member of back in the day. I do not have anything of my PawPaw’s so I politely asking my Grandma if I could have it to make a necklace with, and she was happy to give it to me. I spent a little while coming up with a design for the necklace (with Husband’s help), and when I finished, the awesome girls at Brooklyn Charm put the whole thing together for me in a matter of minutes. The finished product only cost me $15!

Before saying good-bye to Brooklyn, we decided to have dinner at Fornino’s Pizza.

my mouth is watering just looking at this…

We arrived in our own hood right as the sun was setting. We weren’t ready to call it a night so we grabbed Belle and headed to the roof to watch the sun set. We laid on the warm rooftop gazing at the city lights and skyline for a while, and I realized how similar this was to laying in the grass gazing at the stars in the country. Both are beautiful, relaxing, and make you feel so small and in awe of the world around you.

Husband and I often have conversations about where life has taken us. We both had dreams of living in a big city and traveling, but when we met over seven years ago did we imagine living in Manhattan? Together? Snuggling on our rooftop? Of course not. We know we are lucky ducks, and love these special moments together.

I have not written about anxiety lately, but I should mention I’ve been on the verge of panic lately. (I’ll have to write more on this later.) Lying on the roof with my favorite person and favorite dog, taking in the city that never sleeps was comforting. There is something about this city, knowing that there are so many people around; working, playing, eating, shopping, living, that is calming. It’s soothing to have busyness all around me. I guess if I’m not busy, it’s nice to know that some people are. It’s kind of like they are keeping things productive and making up for my down time.

Thanks God for these summer nights, and thank Brooklyn for it’s trendy attractions. We had a great day.


3 thoughts on “Fun Day Numero Dos”

    1. thanks! panic just comes in different ways for us panickers I guess…It is weird how some really big things have no affect o me, and then something really small (like a commercial or a conversation) can send me into a hearth-wrenching attack.

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