Texas Vacation and Baby Fever

I have two weeks off work before my full time hours start up again, and I am spending the first seven days in Southeast Texas visiting my family and friends. I grew up in this tiny southern area, and knew from the age of 10 that I wanted to move away when I grew up. There was also a piece of me that knew I did not really fit in here, I needed to get out, and “breakaway” as Kelly Clarkson would say. Even though, I have always wanted to see the world, meet tons of new people, and (cheesy as it may be) “spread my wings”, I still love and appreciate the place where I was raised.

Most of my family lives in the area, and some of my very best friends still live here with their families. One of the hardest things about being so far away from my friends is rarely getting to see their children. I guess I’ve gotten to that age where everyone I know is having kids, and I just desperately want their kids to know me.

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been writing a lot about babies. Most of my friends have babies, my sister is pregnant, I work with babies all day everyday… and if it isn’t obvious enough, I ‘ve got baby fever…BAD!

Husband and I know our life right now is not conducive to baby-having:  I won’t have insurance until September, our apartment is only 400 square feet, and we still don’t know where we want to live next year.  It’s just not the best time to get pregnant. KNOWING all of these facts can keep us from having a baby, but it cannot keep us me from WANTING one.

I am ready. As much as I love being an independent, free, and successful working-woman, I would give it all up to stay at home with a baby in a heartbeat. More than anything, I want to have a Husband Jr. I can raise, teach, read to, cuddle, play in the yard, finger paint with, and make grilled cheeses with, and more! I dream about making Halloween costumes, braiding hair, catching fire flies, being the best homeroom mom, president of the PTO, and most fun soccer mom ever.

This dream however is not in the cards for us anytime too soon. So, instead of adoring my own kids, I’ll spoil the other beautiful babies in my life. If I have to use my Mom’s frequent flier miles to travel to Texas to do that, then that’s just what I’ll have to do.  (Thanks Mom!)

Yesterday, my parents barbequed and invited a few friends over for lunch. I had the greatest time visiting and playing in the hot summer sun.

I still have the rest of the week to enjoy these cuties, PLUS a couple more cuties I haven’t even visited yet! It’s going to be a great week here in Texas!

Cheers Y’all!

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