A Nice Walk and a New Nook

Still enjoying NYC’s awesome summer weather, although a little too humid, and still taking advantage of all of our spare time, Husband and I took another great walk from our favorite NYC book! We’ve now completed 9 of these walks, so only 15 more to go! This day’s walk was through Central Park. I assumed I wouldn’t have much to write about so I didn’t bother to bring my phone or camera to snap some pictures.

The walk, however, ended up teaching me facts about the park that I never knew, and I decided this walk may actually be blog worthy. I stole husband’s phone to get pictures, but it died halfway through… For you, it will be just half a walk.

Our walk began at the Southern side of park, the entrance to the zoo to be exact. The giant building at the entrance (which I always assumed was zoo offices) is actually an old armory that now functions as the headquarters for the City Park’s department, and functioned as the museum of Natural History for a short time. The front of the building kept some of its earliest militant decorations…like the rifles holding up the banister.

My favorite things at the parks are all the beautiful man-made ponds. There are lots of ponds and bridges scattered through the park, and all of them make me feel a little closer to the country, and a lot farther from the city.  On the walking tour I learned that before people created the technology to make man-made skating rinks, the ponds at Central park would be drained to just a few inches so the water would freeze over, and anyone with ice skates could take advantage of the “natural” ice rinks. Wouldn’t it be so much more fun if they still did this???

The Dairy in the center of Central Park was created to entertain children. Originally it had live cows and costumed milk maidens who would provide free fresh milk to all the children. Sadly, this started getting pricey, and now the Dairy is just a boring visitor’s center, lame. After reading this all Husband and I wanted was milk served from a milk maiden. What a shame.

There is a really nice carousal near the Dairy. The horses are all hand-carved by a famous carousal artist. When it first opened it was hand-cranked, then pulled by a real horse, and eventually they upgraded to whatever machine runs a carousal automatically.

There is also a large fake skating rink set up each winter (since the “real” ones are no longer drained). During the summer,  the skating rink is used for a carnival. There are just so many activities for kids in Central Park.

There is only one straight path in all of the park, this path is called The Mall, and it is incredibly famous. It’s been in movies like Enchanted, When Harry Met Sally, Big Daddy, and Maid in Manhattan. It’s obvious why so many  directors choose this area to film. It’s beautiful and romantic at any season.

I am going to skip the rest of the walk (no photos) and move right outside the walls of the park (near the waffles and dinges cart). Often there are vendors with carts, kiosks, and cart/kiosks, set up along the brick sidewalks surrounding the park.

(In case you don’t get the “cart/kiosk” reference, I suggest you watch this video. You really just need to watch from minute 1:30 to 2:30 to catch the reference, but I recommend you watch the whole clip. AND, If you did not get this reference I highly suggest you start watching every episode of Gilmore Girls.) 

Anyways, most of the carts are selling photographs and art that depicts iconic scenes around NYC, or hotdogs, or some other sort of craft. Except the Strand Carts. The Strand  is that really cool bookstore near Union Square that I told you about a few months ago. They take tons of their books (mostly their used ones) and put them up for sale around the park. So fun!

We ended up shopping at the actual Strand bookstore last night. I picked out about 12 books that I wanted to buy. Husband was sooooo frustrated because he has been trying to convince me to buy a Nook or a Kindle for the last year. Every time I get a new book he throws a fit about what a waste of money and space it is, and how convenient it would be for me to have them all on a E-reader.

Last night, was apparently the last straw. He actually left the Strand, walked straight to Barnes and Noble and bought me a Nook! He then stayed up until 1am putting new books on it for me. Since, he was oh-so sweet and generous to do this for me, I decided to give the Nook a chance. I used it all day today, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

It is so easy to read on, so fun, so cute, fits easily in a small purse, lasts forever, and makes me feel like a super fast reader. Husband is just the best.

Now, I can combine all my loves by going to Central Park, reading my Nook, and watching Husband play fetch with Belle, while drinking an iced latte.

Anyone have suggestions for new books to read? Anyone want to meet me in the park? Anyone have ideas on how I can convince husband to buy me another present?

Happy Friday and Cheers!

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