Fireworks on the Hudson

This week was our nation’s Birthday, which, to me, means another reason to celebrate. YOU KNOW I love celebrating for any reason, and tend to be a pretty festive person. Besides dressing in costume for basically every holiday, I also like being a part of something BIG…like New Year’s Eve in Time Square, or the Macy’s Day parade. I know I won’t live in Manhattan forever so I take advantage of whatever the city has to offer now.



Dealing with these enormous crowds is always frustrating, and sometimes scary, but it’s also part of the fun!

So, a few days ago, I realized that July 4th was only 48 hours a way, and husband and I had no plans. I quickly got online to research “stuff to do in NYC on the 4th” and discovered that Manhattan actually has the biggest fireworks show in the states! I called up a couple of friends, and made plans to head downtown for a full afternoon of picnics, adult lemonade, and fireworks. Then, I immediately started planning my head-to-toe red, white, and blue ensemble for the day.

Husband and I made sandwiches and the “adult lemonade” for our picnic. The lemonade was AMAZING. Here’s how we did it.

– make homemade lemonade: sugar, water, lemons…just google it.

-a whole pack of fresh strawberries

-a bag of frozen raspberries

-the rest of the tequila left in our freezer

-Throw it all in the blender, and VOILA! Grown-up Lemonade!

We got to the Chelsea Piers area (prime location for fireworks) at 5pm…BTW the fireworks were not scheduled to start until 9:20pm. Being 4 1/2 hours early still involved us having to walk past several blocked of entrances due to overcrowding. We still ended up directly in the middle of where the fireworks would be viewed. unfortunately, “prime fireworks viewing” meant the middle of 12th avenue. Literally, the middle of the street. We, along with a million other people, were seated on hot asphalt in order to have the “best seats” for the fireworks.



I brought a sheet for all of us to sit on, but it was still comparable to sitting on top of an oven. Thank God we had refreshing “lemonade” to keep us cool.



The four hours went by pretty quickly as we ate, drank, played with Belle, and chatted with the people around us. Before we knew it, the biggest fireworks show I’d ever seen had started.

And, Belle, went ballistic…. or shall I say Belle-istic.

I KNOW that Belle hates fireworks, but Husband insisted that we bring her, and that she’d feel safer with us rather than stuck at home, scared.



I spent the entire 26 minute fireworks production like this…


trying to keep her ears covered


Even with Belle trying to bite and claw her way through me, I still managed to appreciate the show. It really was spectacular. I have never seen such a big production. As we watched we could hear Katy Perry and Kenny Chesney belting out American classics on the Macy’s stage a couple blocks down from us. It was just lovely.


Happy 4th of July Y’all! (Better late than never, right?)


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