First Half of the Honeymoon


Husband and I were fortunate enough to get 3 weeks off… Who am I kidding? Husband is ALWAYS off…. I was fortunate enough to get 3 weeks off work for our wedding and honeymoon.

The first half of our honeymoon was spent at Disney and Universal Studios, with my family.

I hate to admit to people that I love Universal Studios (it’s like cheating on Disney), but it’s true, I really do love Universal. It doesn’t have the magic or the incredible customer service Disney offers, but it does have some killer roller coasters. The Harry Potter Land addition is a huge plus too.

My family has never been to Universal, so Husband and I considered it our duty to make sure they get there, ride the scariest coasters, drink butter beer, and shoot aliens on Men in Black.  We spent the day with a group of 16 people, and managed to ride everything that mattered.

Sunset at Universal Studios


Zoey, my Dad, and Husband were all chosen to be characters in a performance called “Disaster!” at Universal. The three of them got to to play 3 evil oil company workers, and star in a disaster type movie.


During our entire vacation, we were VERY often separated from one another, and often were not carrying our cell phones, or they had died after using them to upload pictures to Facebook while waiting in hour-long lines. In order to easily locate each other, when lost without a phone,  we came up with a fail proof plan: jazz hands.

Anytime someone was lost or looking for someone who was lost than you were to immediately put jazz hands in the air. This plan proved to be incredibly effective. In a crowd of 500 hundred people, all in tank tops in flip flops, it’s difficult to pick out someone familiar, but jazz hands shimmying above the crowd are hard to miss. We were all starting to enjoy our jazz hand signal so much that we decided to immortalize it on the Dinosaur ride photo spot.


To celebrate our roller coaster/butter beer/movie making victory filled day, we had dinner and margarita’s at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.

Tuesday through Thursday was devoted to Disney World, our first love.

At EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow…In case you were wondering), we “traveled around the world”, visited the sites of our wedding reception, got caught in a very long thunderstorm, and watched a concert by Hotel California, An Eagles tribute band.

relaxing in Morocco
This is what I got when I shouted, “Look Cute!”
Hotel California


At Animal Kingdom we spent a lot of time shopping for a hat to keep my Dad’s head from getting any more burnt than it already was. We ate Chinese? food at Yak and Yeti, rode Expedition Everest a couple of times, and I was forced to see the most terrifying show…Flights of Wonder.


I am terrified of birds.

They are too quick, fly too close, and have very sharp beaks and feet. I just don’t like being near them.  Husband knows this, and was therefore very excited, too excited,  about forcing me to see this stupid bird show. Since he has seen the show before he was fully aware that the birds roam free around the theatre, fly directly over your heads, and that I would spend the majority of the show with my eyes closed and hands over my ears. Why do I always cover my ears when I’m scared???


The show turned out to be pretty impressive, still scary, but impressive.

At Hollywood Studios, we stopped by the sight of our first date and wedding proposal, The Sci-Fi Drive-in Café. We did all the other Hollywood favorites like the Tower of Terror and Rock-n-Roller Coaster, but my family’s favorite was probably the American Idol Experience.

Sci-Fi Drive In


At American Idol, real guests (who had previously auditioned during the day) perform in front of the audience and judges, and one is chosen as the winner. At the end of the day all the winners compete against each other, and the final winner gets a golden ticket. That golden ticket can then be used to cut to the very front of any real American Idol audition line in the United States! It’s a pretty cool experience.

Husband and I ended our trip watching Wishes. The most incredible, magical, touching fireworks show. I get tears in my eyes every time we see this show…which is numerous. I don’t know if I get sentimental thinking of all the memories I made during my College Program internship, if I see the magic Disney creates for everyone daily, or if I’m just reminded of how happy I am to be with Husband at our favorite place. Whatever it is, it makes me happy and sad at the same time.

Typical woman.

Disney never disappoints, our week at Disney was excellent, and even though our next stop was Costa Rica, we were still said to leave.


7 thoughts on “First Half of the Honeymoon”

  1. The “Jazz hands” technique did work well when we were in Magic Kingdom. Have you ever had a Yak Attack drink at Yak and Yeti? My first time was when we visited AK, it is delish!! We also went to the bird show; it was cool!

    1. I think someone got the Yak Attack..that sounds really familiar… Either that or we all just talked about ordering it. The bird show did turn out to be much cooler than I expected! Even though I was scared the whole time…haha.

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