Mickey Mouse Waffles and Bride and Groom Ears

The morning after our wedding Husband and I knew we’d want to continue celebrating. One party…okay SEVERAL parties…just isn’t enough. We also knew most of our guest would still be at Disney, and we might as well try and get together with all of them for a final hurrah. So, BIG thanks to my new in-laws, we were able to invite every single guest to our favorite character breakfast at Disney World! (Ohana at the Polynesian Resort)



Exciting, as it was to be able to offer such a fun meal together, it was a lot to organize. Considering the fact that our list of guests goes from Texas to New York to Finland to Japan… we had our hands full when it came to communicating any reservations. Thank GOD for Facebook and email!

After sharing our breakfast plans to everyone, and organizing who wanted to eat earlier or later, and who had certain seating requests….we ended up with 5 reservations totaling 87 people. I was on a first name basis with the managers at Ohana by the time June rolled around.

Husband and I stayed the night at the Polynesian, amazing BTW, so I didn’t have to travel very far for breakfast. Still, I was up early, and in the restaurant making sure they had all our tables and reservations ready…which they did. And somehow I managed to get basically everyone at the right tables with the right people at the right times. It was miraculous and glorious…my final bit of organization paid off!


I met one of my best friend’s baby for the first time at breakfast! (They were living in Japan.) I never wanted to let her go!
Looks like Mickey surprised us!


After the super-fun-delicious-huge family/friend breakfast, SEVERAL of us headed to Magic Kingdom, because what more magical way to spend your first day as husband and wife than with twenty something relatives all stuck in line together for Splash Mountain?



We had a blast.



My Dad bought us some bride and groom mouse ears, and Disney gave us some “just married” pins. We wore both proudly around the park until it closed…literally. The Disney Cast Members and most of the guests shouted “congrats!” at us, gave us fast passes, and treated us with extra special attention all day long.  Obviously, I enjoy getting special attention, and I really enjoy getting to celebrate a little longer.



The day was spent riding our favorites and all the classic, eating lots of junk, and taking too many pictures…like there is such a thing.



We ended up getting caught in a huge thunderstorm (typical Florida weather) that flooded Tomorrow Land and canceled the fireworks show, but we didn’t let that dampen our moods.


I definitely got the right end of this massage train.


Perfect ending to a great wedding, and a great start to our marriage!


2 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Waffles and Bride and Groom Ears”

  1. The food at Ohana was sooooooo good. Somehow waffles are just better when they are shaped like Mickey’s head!!! Oh my gosh, the picture from Splash Mountain is priceless!!

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