Bridal Portraits!

Yay! I am officially married!!!! Well not as I write this, but if you are reading it then I am definitely married! Woohoo! To celebrate via blog I would like to FINALLY share my bridal portraits with you.

I had the most wonderful photographer, Jeff Guy, take my photos. We took them where I grew up (small town Texas) because I really wanted a little bit of home involved in my wedding, especially since the wedding is so far from home. Fiance and I came up with the idea to take the pictures in some really casual, fun, hometown places. We loved the contrast between a fancy wedding dress, and something old, and maybe even a little dirty! I pitched this idea to Jeff, who loved it, and he gave us some even better ideas.

The weekend I went home to take the pictures was the same weekend as my lingerie shower, bachelorette party, and dress fitting. Needless to say, it was a crazy hectic weekend. We actually had to get up at the crack of dawn to have time to take pictures. So thank you thank you thank you to the very nice girl who did my hair (and was very pregnant!), and a special thank you to Jeff*. You are truly talented. I mean seriously…you make me look good!

taken at a Catholic church in my neighborhood (actually the church of one of my best friend’s)

a blueberry patch in front of the church, we kept waiting for someone to yell at me for sitting in them…
The street in front of my Mom’s dress shop, which also runs through the middle of town. (That’s her car in the background.)
The town’s Dairy Queen, one of our fav hangouts in high school. Also owned by one of my best friend’s Mother.

STARBUCKS! Obviously.

The steps of the Julie Roger’s Theatre, where I had my dance recitals growing up.

I love them, and I am so excited to finally share them! Yay me!


*Jeff is actually my cousin, but even if we weren’t related, he would be my first choice. Can’t wait to have another reason to take pics, Jeff!

10 thoughts on “Bridal Portraits!”

  1. Your personality really shines in these photos! Your cousin Jeff did a great job. You made such a beautiful bride.

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